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A 5 Star Rated & Multi Awards Winning tour operator of Bangladesh based as a tourism company in 2001 and our professional experienced tour operator in Bangladesh receives excellent reviews for the best service. Our professional tour operator of Bangladesh is getting Recommended Reviews on Trip Advisor, Viator, Face Book and in our website from tourists of Europe, America and Australia continents for our dedicated service. Therefore we receive award continually from England on votes of European tourists for the excellent service. Besides Orient Tourism Channel is mentioned in many international travel guide books Bradt and Petit Fute. These books are published from Europe and USA for Westerners.

Tour Operator in Bangladesh

All travel guide and local tour operator of our tourism company got training practically by USAID project and Bangladesh Government Technical Education Board. These tour operator and tour guide of our tourism company were certified by Bangladesh National Tourism Board. Nishorgo Network with the title Eco tourism as the project of USAID trained our guides on bio diversity in the national forests. BD Government approved them to work as tour guides.

Orient Eco Tourism is Bangladesh base company, a part of Orient Tourism Channel because of our tour guides are trained on ecological and ethnic tourism. Our tourism company was established in 2001 in Bangladesh. Then we have been providing all kinds of tour service to foreign tourists everywhere in the country.  We have registration to operate tours across the country. Basically we grow up in excursion sector from local base nature and history. As a result, our guide and operator are like story tellers.

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Catch Our Travel Bug
Catch Our Travel Bug
We are typically independent, budget travelers. The problem is, there are no up-to-date guidebooks for Bangladesh at... the moment. There are very few blogs, and many of the reviews and travel tales we came across detailed quite a few travel mishaps, many of them a bit scary. It was obvious places would be quite challenging to get to and we'd be limited to the main 'tourist hubs.' There also seemed to be a limited choice of accommodation on booking apps compared to the amount you can see on Google Maps, and I couldn't find an app in English for transport booking.I did a lot of research and eventually, I contacted Razbe from Orient Eco-Tourism. I explained we wanted a local experience and asked for suggestions as to whether everything on our wishlist was doable.We went back and forth a few times, tossing out places that required hard-to-get and expensive permits, and a couple of other places that would have escalated costs, and came up with a 22-day tour titled 'Travel like a Local' for a very reasonable price.It was so fabulous. We saw and experienced sooooo much more of Bangladesh and its people than if it had been just us traveling independently. Eusuf was with us for the first 18 days and Razbe himself joined us for the last 4. They are both extremely knowledgeable and skilled guides who are passionate about their country but realistic about its shortcomings. Razbe is a quiet soul, and Eusuf has a belly laugh that comes from his toes. He kindly invited us to his home to meet his wife and young son and is generous to a fault. The people in the minority villages all know and respect him which in turn added to our experience.Having a guide/translator made us accessible to the locals and them to us. Meeting the people was definitely one of the highlights. Our experience with Razbe and Eusuf has provided us with a lot more understanding of this part of the world, and honestly, the Bangladeshi people are gorgeous. It's been one of our favorite adventures so far (in 15-plus years of constant travel and 136 countries.) But you will probably need help to access both the country and its people. We happily recommend Orient Eco-Tourism as a company you can trust to organize your visit.#visitbangladesh #bangladeshtourismread more
Mathilde Foyer
Mathilde Foyer
We came to Sreemangal for few days and Razbe was our guide in Lachawara National Park. He is a professional guide and... knows a lot about the eco system in the park. His English is perfect and that helped us a lot to communicate and learn a lot about the culture and life in Bangladesh. We highly recommend him if you come to Sreemangal.read more
George Jose
George Jose
This is really a good tour we do in sundarban in Bangladesh Their service I received. For 2 night 3 day boat 🚣🏾‍♀️ trip... was quite nice Tour . Food was awesome on the lounge,I strongly recommend this tour companyread more
John Spender
John Spender
I had a great experience with Razby!He is very knowledgable guide and knows the forests and tea plantations of... Sreemangal like the back of his hand.I highly recommend hiring Razby!A five star experience *****read more
Clare Hollowell
Clare Hollowell
I had a great tour with Razbe, walking through Lawachara forest. He was very knowledgeable, and friendly. I enjoyed my... tour very much.read more
Pavel Turkevich
Pavel Turkevich
I recommend this tourist company and his owner, Mr. Razbe. Razbe helped me in Bangladesh very much, when I had a... tourist travel. I didn't have any problems with communication, because Razbe could speak English very well.. Razbe is a person, whom you can trust to 100%. And he can provide you any tourist servises which you wish.read more
Gavin Gr
Gavin Gr
This is really a good tour company in Bangladesh that I think because of their service I received. Tour guide is very... knowledgeable. Thanks.read more

star rating  In October 2022, I took one day tour in Sreemangal with guide Suleman Hasif.
The tour started very early in the morning and included the following stops: Lawachara National Park... read more

October 16, 2022

We are mentioned in as the best tour operator of Bangladesh

tour operator in Bangladesh
Recommended on Trip Advisor by mostly European, Australian and American tourists.
tour operator in Bangladesh
Our company is mentioned in travel guide book – Bradt published in UK and USA.
tour operator in Bangladesh
Our company name is mentioned in International French travel guide book Petit Fute published in France.

Why You Choose Us to Travel ???

Lowest Price

Book our tour service directly for the lowest price and best service with local experience. Tell your budget to fit your trip plan. No worry about your budget, we can solve. Only we can give you the best options on budget base service.

Private Tour

We make private tour everywhere in Bangladesh. You can travel privately anywhere on your choice and requirements. Even you can join in a small group to reduce price. Also you can travel your own with our local base transport and local guide.

Local Guide

We have destination base local tour guide and experienced tour operator everywhere in Bangladesh to provide update information that you can experience like a local with our guide. Our tour guides learnt from grass root to the top.


You can customize days, places and activities during the trip. We ensure satisfactory, security, privacy with safety first policy. No hidden fees after the proposed price. Try utmost to provide the best.

Booking Policy

Book now, pay during the tour. For short tours, you can pay later. Long days trip, you may need a small deposit to arrange everything. Get discount on every tours.

Must Know

Before booking tours with other travel agencies, you must VERIFY how experienced our tour guides are. So, you SHOULD try at least one trip with our informative tour guide.

Field Level Expert Local Tour Operator and Tourism Company in Bangladesh

We dedicate ourselves to provide the best service to tourists. Being a local tour operator in Bangladesh our tourism company arranges package tours, event management, filming, documentary, business advice to your special interest and requirements. Also we can arrange Eco- guide, local guide, English speaking professional tour guide, tour operator and experienced interpreter for your visit or work in Bangladesh.

Generally we offer tailor made sightseeing to tourist’s budget and choice. We CAN ENSURE your satisfaction in your traveling with our experienced service. Our professional staff will handle your tours. Friendly tour guides will accompany you to show you around. As a service provider, our services and facilities are with local community base that you can know locally. However it is very good to know the real local lifestyle and activities . In addition, our new theme is to practice ethnic tourism.

After all, we recommend and ensure that tourists will have their happiness face during the visit in Bangladesh with our experienced, professional tour operator and tour guide. So there is nothing to worry of what requirements you are looking for in Bangladesh visit. We are here to organize your any kind of tours on your choice and budget.

Find tour attraction anywhere in Bangladesh with local tour operator & guide of our tourism company

  • Barisal Division is good for (Paddle steamer) familiar as Rocket steamer journey to go to floating market in Barishal. There markets open on boats in canals, rivers and Back water of Barishal. Besides you can visit Park, Landlord house and museum.
  • Chittagong Division  has tribal community in the hill tracts. Chittagong is the highest hilly area in Bangladesh. There are waterfalls, the best trekking path, Ship breaking yard and the longest sea beach of the world. Also there is Island, Hindu temple, oldest mosque, Saint Place, Biggest fish market. Bandarban is the best for hill tracts tour.
  • Dhaka Division  Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. You can see historical sites, oldest temples, mosque, palace, church and king house. Our tourism company is one of the best travel agencies in Dhaka to provide tour service information of Bangladesh. So you can hire a tour guide or operator in Dhaka to make a private tour in Bangladesh. Old Dhaka tour is the best. Panam city tour is also good for relaxing in the ancient capital city of Bengal.
  • Khulna Division  there are the largest mangrove forest of the world Sundarban and Sixty dome mosque as world heritage site of Bangladesh where our tourism company leads private tour.
  • Mymensingh Division  has medieval mosque, temple, Archaeological sites, ceramics hills and Garo tribal community.
  • Rajshahi Division   has historical place of archaeological sites, Medieval building, mosque and terracotta temple.
  • Rangpur Division holds, landlord house, archaeological sites, medieval temples and mosque.
  • Sylhet Division  is famous for cycling, tea garden, lake, tropical rain forest, tea processing, perfume factory and wet land for migratory birds sanctuary. Besides there are vast waterfall, trekking path, hiking in the forest, Swamp forest, tea processing and Tribal community.

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Therefore, we can arrange your any travel service on your choice and budget. We have ready Bangladesh tour itinerary in our website. Read our Bangladesh travel blog to get update information for tourism. Our tourism company has recommended tour operator not only in Bangladesh but also in other countries to help to organize well. After all, we welcome you to visit beautiful Bangladesh with us to enjoy the real practical best experience service provided by Orient Tourism Channel.

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