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About us: Tourism Company and Tour Operator in Bangladesh

Orient Tourism Channel is an award winning experienced tourism company in Bangladesh. Our professional tour operator of Bangladesh is getting rate as 5 star on Trip Advisor from Western tourists. We received award from England on votes of European tourists. Besides we are mentioned in international travel guide books Bradt and Petit Fute. These books are published in United Kingdom and France. Travel guide and local tour operator of our tourism company were trained up by USAID project and Bangladesh Government Technical Education Board. Nishorgo Network with the title Eco tourism was the project of USAID trained our guides on bio diversity. BD Government approved them.

Orient Eco Tourism is a part of Orient Tourism Channel. Our tourism company was established in 2001. Then we have been providing all kinds of tour service to foreign tourists everywhere in the country.  We have registration to operate tours across the country. Basically we grow up in excursion sector from local base nature and history. As a result, our guide and operator are like story teller.

Our Service: by Travel Expert and Guide

We dedicate ourselves to provide the best service to tourists. Being a travel service provider in Bangladesh we do package tours, event management, filming, documentary, business advice to your special interest and requirements. Also we can arrange Eco- guide, local guide, English speaking professional tour guide, tour operator and interpreter for your visit.

Generally we offer tailor made sightseeing to tourist’s budget and choice. We CAN ENSURE your satisfaction in your traveling with our 20 years experience. Our professional staff will handle your tours. Friendly guides will accompany you to show you around. As a service provider, our services and facilities are with local community base. However it is very good to know the real local lifestyle and activities . In addition, our new theme is to practice Ethnic Tourism.

After all, we ensure that tourists will have their happiness face during the visit with us. So there is nothing to worry of what requirements you are looking for in Bangladesh visit. We are here to organize your any kind of tours on your choice and budget.

Tourist Spots in Bangladesh: Eight divisions show respective activities.

  • Barisal Division is good for British made-Rocket steamer (Paddle steamer) journey to go to floating market in Barishal. There markets open on boats in canals, rivers and Back water of Barishal. Besides you can visit Park, Landlord house and museum.
  • Chittagong Division  has tribal community in hill tracts. There are waterfalls, trekking path, Ship breaking yard and the longest sea beach of the world. Also there is Island, Hindu temple, Saint Place, Biggest and fish market.
  • Dhaka Division  Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. You can see historical sites, oldest temples, mosque, palace, church and king house. There is travel agency online in Dhaka to provide service information. So hire a tour operator in Dhaka to make a private tour in Bangladesh.
  • Khulna Division  there are the largest mangrove forest of the world Sundarban and Sixty dome mosque as world heritage site of Bangladesh where our tourism company leads private tours.
  • Mymensingh Division  has medieval mosque, temple, Archaeological sites, ceramics hills and Garo tribe.
  • Rajshahi Division   has historical place of archaeological sites, Medieval building, mosque and terracotta temple.
  • Rangpur Division holds archaeological sites, medieval temples and mosque.
  • Sylhet Division  is famous for cycling, tea garden, lake, tropical rain forest and wet land for migratory birds sanctuary. Besides there are vast waterfall, trekking path, hiking in the forest, Swamp forest, tea processing and Tribal community.

Know More From Our Bangladesh Tourism Website

  • Tailor made trip for you so that you can customize days, places and activities.
  • Affordable price is to do any trip for all kinds of tourists.
  • We ensure guests’ security and privacy with safety first policy.
  • Trip layout we give you before starting the program.
  • Unparalleled support for 24 hours.
  • We assure you for the satisfaction tours and trips in Bangladesh.
  • Our previous guests got 100% satisfaction.

Therefore, we can arrange your any travel service. We have ready Bangladesh tour itinerary in our website. Read our travel Bangladesh blog to get update information. Our tourism company has tour operator not only in Bangladesh but also in other countries. After all, we welcome you to visit with us to enjoy the real service.

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