People Behind the Website to Support


  • Razbe (Tour Manager, Interpreter, Fixture and Eco Tour Guide).
  • Country: Bangladesh.
  • E-mail: , ,
  • Started tour guiding firstly in Srimangal in 2001 with an aim to support foreign tourists sought local tour guide for budget tours. During the guiding with the self trained, received training on Ecological tourism by an NGO Nishorgo supported by USAID. Continuously received other training on hospitality management by Bangladesh Technical Education Board. One after another, acquired several training on tour guiding and tour operating organised by Bangladesh Tourism Board.
  • Though starting place is Sreemangal, but the guiding work was extended for all tourists places of Bangladesh.

Bimal Deb

  • Bimal Deb, (Content Writer)
  • Country: Bangladesh,
  • E-mail:
  • As a writer, he started travel related content writing for this company. Most of the content about tourist places of Bangladesh in this website written by him. His passion is writing.


Bangladesh tour guide
  • Eusuf (Tour Operator and Eco Tour Guide)
  • Country: Bangladesh.
  • E-mail:
  • Working as a tour operator and tour guide for years to every corner of Bangladesh. He is full professional in tourism sector.