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Affiliate of sign up through website: Sign Up system can be OK to you and smart way but your booking tracking is for a year. .

  • Sign up. Affiliate register.
  • Follow to fill up the details.
  • Share affiliate links.
  • Earn cash online.
  • Affiliate for anyone: Affiliation is a way to earn extra money through your Website / Blog / Face Book Page / Social Group / Your any social account.
  • You can keep our affiliate link in your Website / Blog / Social Site / Social Page / Group saying a pop up message, Get Discount on your tour.
  • This ads may attract your visitors/members/users to click on the ad link to go to our website.
  • Then they may book any tour service.
  • When the tour is done, we will give you your profit from invoice of tourist.

About Payment- we pay you monthly through worldwide. Bkash is a mobile banking for Bangladeshis.

For Tour leaders and  World Wide Tour Company

  • We welcome tour leaders and world wide tour company for Business 2 Business  relation. Tour operators can promote our Bangladesh tour packages under their company banner for package sale. We give you 10 % percentage from the invoice.  OR
  • We can also post your tour packages on any of our website. We do not accept contents coping from any internet source. It should be fresh unique content (not from any website).  Our commission charge is 10% on total sale. Example- your tour price is  $ 100 + $ 10 (10 % commission)= $ 110. When you will contact with the clients, you will add our commission in total. We ask for the profit of your service as hotel booking, tour guiding and transport. We do not take profit money from these service as entertainment, musical party, dance program, any kind of drinks and  food etc.
  • About payment, you will receive the payment from clients with your terms and conditions. About our payment, you will pay us when a tour is finished.  You will bear any transfer charge. Weekly payment.
  • Termination- contract will be cancelled. As a local tour operator if you  do not respond to any inquiry in time or bad reviews by tourists and travelers.

Do Businessman With Us / invest – Work With Us

  • We support in every ways of businessman / investor in Bangladesh. It is assurance that investment will result in better income. We welcome small or big investors.
  • We can use your money to do local tourism business in Bangladesh, transportation, agriculture, gardening, fisheries, housing and international tourism business with our brand Orient Tourism Channel.
  • You can invest yourself in your country to promote our tour package as sale promoter.
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