Potenga Seaside – A Wonderful Beach

Potenga sea beach is a wonderful beach in Chittagong. Even without going to Cox’s Bazar beach, you can go to Potenga beach to enjoy the pleasure of walking in the sea. This beach is located 22 km south of Chittagong railway station. About two kilometers before arriving at this beach, you will see the charming Zhou Forest on both sides of the road. Potenga’s sea shore looks most attractive in the afternoon.

When you come here, you can see the big ships in the stormy sea. On the shores of the sea, there are numerous collections of oysters and snails of various ornament.

How to go:

From Chittagong railway station and Bipani Bitan intersection, many busses, Taxi, CNG, come and go to the Potenga Sea beach.

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