Tamabil and Jaflong | A queen of Beauty in Sylhet

Another natural beauty of Sylhet is Tamabil and Jaflong. Jaflong is like an artist’s perfect picture. Jaflong is at the foothills of the Khasia-Jainta Hills, just 62 km north-east of Sylhet city. On the other side of the border area Tamabil lies the Shilling Road of India. If you go there for a visit, you will see the spring water flowing from the high mountains of India across the border to our Bangladesh. These streams have decorated the mountains with great beauty.

But since the springs fall in the part of India, we have to stand on the borders of the country to enjoy these beauties. The distance from Tamabil is only 7 km. If you want to go to Jaflong from Sylhet town, you have to pass by Tamabil. It is more convenient to go to Tamabil first and then to Jaflong. Reach Jaflong through hilly roads and enjoy the most beautiful area of the region. Valuable resources like stones are running through the chest of the Himalayas. Layered stone piles are built on the banks of the Paine River in Jaflong. Mainly the Piayain river and rock strokes have multiplied the beauty of Jaflong.

Amazing View around the Places

Blue skies above Jaflong and magnificent views of green hills below, rock gardens, knee-deep Paine River flowing alongside offer a unique thrill of water rafting, swimming and boating. it seems like a piece of heaven. The Paine river marks the border between Bangladesh and India. The big stones in the river are like an Island. The water of Paine River is so clear that you can see the bottom of the river from the top of the water. At Jaflong, across the border in Bangladesh, hundreds of thousands of stone fragments have survived in streams from the mountains of India. This stone is for construction and other purposes all over the country.

Stones are usually collected here during the winter season at the end of monsoon. Stone workers collect stones by boat and from there these stones reach different parts of the country. A lot of small boats are here busy with stone lifting. The mountain slopes of Jaflong are surrounded by hilly forests. From here, the suspension bridge of Dauki port in India that you can see in the distance. At the entrance to the Bangladesh border, this julant Dauki connects the bridged Indian road. Another attraction of Jaflong is Khasia Palli.

The location of this Khasia village is next to the river. the traditional Khasia community lives in the remote hilly areas around Jaflong. Their small huts on the slopes of the hill are quite beautiful. Khasias’ lifestyle, home, clothes are different from the Bengalis.

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