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Products of Finlay Tea Company

Product NamePacket SizeWhole Sale Price TKRetail Price TK
Finlay Premium Tea500 gm215260
Finlay Premium Tea200 gm90105
F- Gold Tea400 gm165200
F- Gold Tea100 gm4555
F- Green Tea Loose500 gm270310
F- Green Tea Box125 gm7590
F- Green Tea Bag100 gm85100
Gold Tea Bag100 gm 6085
English Breakfast Tea62.50 gm80100
Japanese Green Tea150 gm140170
J-Green Tea Bag50 gm130160
Finlay BOP500 gm160194
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Tea Leaf Products of Local Gardens of Srimangal

Product NamePacket SizeWhole Sale Price TkRetail Price Tk
B Tea Gold500 gm230300
BT-1500 gm220280
BT-2500 gm220280
Clone Tea500 gm180240
Yellow Tea500 gm25003000
Rose Tea500 gm19002100
Orthodox500 gm570650
BTRI Green Tea Leaf500 gm800900
Dust for Blending 500 gm125145
BJP (Low)500 gm110160
BJP (Medium)500 gm150210