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Catch Our Travel BugCatch Our Travel Bug
06:58 28 Mar 23
We are typically independent, budget travelers. The problem is, there are no up-to-date guidebooks for Bangladesh at the moment. There are very few blogs, and many of the reviews and travel tales we came across detailed quite a few travel mishaps, many of them a bit scary. It was obvious places would be quite challenging to get to and we’d be limited to the main ‘tourist hubs.’
There also seemed to be a limited choice of accommodation on booking apps compared to the amount you can see on Google Maps, and I couldn’t find an app in English for transport booking.
I did a lot of research and eventually, I contacted Razbe from Orient Eco-Tourism. I explained we wanted a local experience and asked for suggestions as to whether everything on our wishlist was doable.
We went back and forth a few times, tossing out places that required hard-to-get and expensive permits, and a couple of other places that would have escalated costs, and came up with a 22-day tour titled ‘Travel like a Local’ for a very reasonable price.

It was so fabulous. We saw and experienced sooooo much more of Bangladesh and its people than if it had been just us traveling independently.

Eusuf was with us for the first 18 days and Razbe himself joined us for the last 4. They are both extremely knowledgeable and skilled guides who are passionate about their country but realistic about its shortcomings. Razbe is a quiet soul, and Eusuf has a belly laugh that comes from his toes. He kindly invited us to his home to meet his wife and young son and is generous to a fault. The people in the minority villages all know and respect him which in turn added to our experience.
Having a guide/translator made us accessible to the locals and them to us. Meeting the people was definitely one of the highlights.

Our experience with Razbe and Eusuf has provided us with a lot more understanding of this part of the world, and honestly, the Bangladeshi people are gorgeous. It’s been one of our favorite adventures so far (in 15-plus years of constant travel and 136 countries.) But you will probably need help to access both the country and its people. We happily recommend Orient Eco-Tourism as a company you can trust to organize your visit.

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Mathilde FoyerMathilde Foyer
17:09 02 Mar 23
We came to Sreemangal for few days and Razbe was our guide in Lachawara National Park. He is a professional guide and knows a lot about the eco system in the park. His English is perfect and that helped us a lot to communicate and learn a lot about the culture and life in Bangladesh. We highly recommend him if you come to Sreemangal.
Clare HollowellClare Hollowell
11:51 15 Mar 19
I had a great tour with Razbe, walking through Lawachara forest. He was very knowledgeable, and friendly. I enjoyed my tour very much.
Pavel TurkevichPavel Turkevich
05:22 23 Sep 18
I recommend this tourist company and his owner, Mr. Razbe. Razbe helped me in Bangladesh very much, when I had a tourist travel. I didn’t have any problems with communication, because Razbe could speak English very well.. Razbe is a person, whom you can trust to 100%. And he can provide you any tourist servises which you wish.
Gavin GrGavin Gr
04:22 23 Sep 18
This is really a good tour company in Bangladesh that I think because of their service I received. Tour guide is very knowledgeable. Thanks.

Feed Back by Tourists on This Website

“Our trip in Bangladesh, we visited about 35 days in 2009. The small town named Sreemangal became our second residence because of the hospitality offered by people living here. A big thanks to them for such hospitality. Razbe of Orient Tourism Channel took care of us very warmly. Razbe’s tour service was more than just a regular trip. He gave us very good insight and deeper understanding of every day rural life. We felt Razbe as a very knowledgeable person and good at suiting the trip according to our interest.  Hope we will come back again to make a new trip with Razbe to enjoy the beautiful country.”

— Vivi & Nils Babner, Sweden

“We came from Canada to visit Bangladesh. During the trip in Bangladesh, Razbe was our guide. He is very calm, patient, knowledgeable and friendly tour guide. He can speak in English well and understand our needs. He impressed us with his immense knowledge about bio diversity. He took us to Lawachara National Park, Madhabpur Lake, tea plantation and tribal communities. He is respectful to both local people and environment. He has the perfect balance of keeping locals, the travelers and environment. Reasonable price and good service I strongly recommended for the best trip in Bangladesh. Happy Eco System….

— Roy & Anna, Canada

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  1. I booked a photography tour for 3 days in Dhaka and Barisal. My guide Razbe from this company made my trip memorable and successful. He knows photography well so, he took me to the off roads and less visited places. I did fantastic photos. His timing to visit a place and meeting with locals in skilled ways to get better task. I ensure your tour will be memorable if you book.

  2. I hired a bicycle from Orient Tourism Channel. The bicycle is good. Alongside with the bicycle Razbe gives direction to the best route for cycling in nature and villages.

  3. Best guide ever I found in Bangladesh I was pleased with his service beyond my thought. Highly recommended to take Razbe as your guide while traveling in Bangladesh.

  4. 2022年12月にスリモンゴルを訪れた際にガイドのRazbeさんにお世話になりました。彼はエコシステムについての知識が豊富で、Lawachara National Parkを案内いただいたときも、自分たちだけでは見つけられなかったであろう植物や動物をたくさん紹介いただきました。モ二プル族などの村にも連れていっていただきましたが、村の人々ととても良い関係を築いているようで、尊敬を持って人々に接している姿が好印象でした。Razbeさんは、知識豊富なうえ、責任感や思いやりを持った信頼できる方です。ドライバーさんも危険な運転など一切なかったです。Razbeさん、一押しです!

  5. We rented bicycle for touring around Sreemangal. Perfect bike, good time pick up. Thanks to Orient Tourism Channel.

  6. Great service, I was relaxed. Smart tour guide to handle my tours. Thanks again to Orient Tourism Channel for the best service I ever got from.

  7. If you need a professional tour guide with highly experienced and good command in English, Razbe is must that I experienced with his service in Barisal, Bandarban, Chittagong, Dhaka and Srimongol. The best tour guide with nice behaviour, knowledge I think. Highly recommended.

  8. We made a 30 days tour in Bangladesh with this operator. Their tour guide is really experienced we understood taking their service, tour cost is also reasonable, people in Bangladesh are very friendly and welcoming. To our thought, this country is still less visited, not most visited country. visiting can be good to you if you are interested less visit country. This company made our tour easy and successful. Thanks to this tour operator and guide. Highly recommended

  9. I booked 2 days tour in Dhaka. The tours are in old Dhaka & Sonargaon for full days. It was interesting place to enjoy the trip.

    The tours became enjoyable because of Orient Tourism Channel they had organized the trip with a professional tour guide who speaks in English fluently with proper historical information.
    Highly recommended.

  10. We visited Srimongol and Dhaka from December 17 – 27, 2022. The weather was perfect. We were so glad that Razbe was with us for a tour in the national park as he was so knowledgeable in ecosystem there. He identified some animals and plants that we could never do if by ourselves. We liked the way he treated the nature; he knows how we should cherish it. Razbe is a professional guide with warm heart. We highly recommend him. Thank you so much, Razbe, for making our trip wonderful.

  11. I had contacted Razbe and thankfully he responded in time and has arranged a full day tour of Dhaka by private car.
    My guide Azim was brilliant, very friendly and he gave detailed explanation during the tour.
    I would like to say thank you to Razbe for his excellent organization of the trip and also guide Azim for the eye opening tour of Dhaka.
    Highly recommended!!

  12. I spent wonderful 3 days in Sundarbans National Park. Razbe was helpful in organizing the tour and giving tips on navigation and hotel booking. The trip started in Khulna and cruised through the deepest corners of the largest mangrove forest in the world. I can highly recommend this tour company and definitely check out the highlight of Bangladesh. The Sundarbans!!!

  13. We took up a day tour of Sreemangal via auto rickshaw. Visited the Lawachara National Park, Madhabpur Lake, tea plantations etc. The tour was very enjoyable and the guide was good. Pick-up was also punctual.

    They also help us to book our train tickets to/fro Dhaka and Sreemangal.

  14. From the first email with owner Razbe I knew they would be the perfect tour company! My guide Suleman was absolutely fantastic, it was like travelling with a long lost friend and was great fun exploring Sreemangal tea plantations! Razbe helped to arrange a last minute long distance taxi when I fell ill, absolutely great service! They truly go above and beyond!

  15. We had a very interesting day tour of Dhaka by private car, Mr Razbe is a very informative guide who really tries to make the most of your time. He is very flexible and knowledgeable, the sites we visited became much more interesting because of the information he gave us. It was really pleasant and fascinating to visit the city this way. If you are looking for a good, professional and pleasant guide, we would highly recommend Mr Razbe.

    1. Yes, I did the same tour in Bangladesh. Razbe is really an informative tour operator that he interpreted the history of the places I was pleased.

      1. We were a group of tourists ten persons made only swamp forest tour. Really it was amazing tours. Thanks to Razbe for the service you did. Recommended.

  16. I visited Dhaka from 18 to 21 March, in rather pleasant weather. Construction of a rail public transit system, and students’ protests, made traffic more noisy and chaotic than usual. But Razbe, my very experienced and knowledgeable guide, and the drivers he hired, nevertheless managed to get me to visit some of the most interesting sites in the capital city (Sadarghat, Ahsan Manzil Museum, Curzon Hall, Lalbagh Fort, Shaheed Minar) and around (Folk Art & Craft Sonargaon Museum, Panam City), experiences not to be missed, but which could be overwhelming for most visitors without a guide. I highly recommend Razbe’s company, Orient Tourism Channel, when planning custom made visiting tours of Bangladesh. Razbe was always punctual, efficient (With emails also) and receptive to suggestions. I stayed at the InterContinental Hotel (Former Sheraton), which I also highly recommend, for the very friendly and helpful staff, quiet rooms, and sumptuous Western buffet.

  17. Firstly I traveled Dhaka for 3 days. During this visit, Razbe told me that they have partners in other countries to operate tours. And through his website, I booked some more packages for Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka tours. His partners are also very professional. Thanks to Razbe for excellent service I got from this company. Highly recommended.

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