Coxs Bazar St Martin

Coxs Bazar St Martin Tour

Coxs Bazar  Tour- the longest sea beach in the world. It is one of the most attractive tourists spots in Bangladesh. It is about 120 km long. Miles of golden sands, surfing waves in the sea, rare conch shells in the beach, colorful pagodas with its distinctive beauty, temples of Buddhist, tribal community and  sea foods. Coxs Bazar St Martin are attractive for sea view of Bangladesh.

Coxs Bazar St MartinThe warm shark free water is good for bathing and swimming. The beauty of sun setting  behind the waves of the sea  is simply captivating.  Cox’s Bazar is also a fishing port. Cox’s Bazar is crowded by local and foreign tourists year round to enjoy the sea view. The wave of the sea roars up towards the embankment. Walking at the side to see the green beauty and shops of tribal things get more popularity. Coxs bazar tourCoxs Bazar St Martin

Tour to Coxs Bazar St Martin

St Martin Tour is a cruise in the sea and Island visit where are coconut trees and blue water presents excellent beauty. Hundreds of ship, engine boats and launch float in the wave of the sea which displays an imaginable view.

St Martin is a coral Island area of eight square kilometers in the northeast part of Bay of Bengal. It is the most beautiful coral Island where you will find live corals.  In this Island, you will also find lots of coconut trees. It is a clean and peaceful place. Those who visit Coxs Bazar, should obviously visit St Martin to get the real enjoy.  Nijhum Island can be the next prime attraction after St Martin. It is a natural beauty of mangrove forest where you will find deer and monkeys.  A huge number of migrated birds come to this Island in winter to enhance. Its beauty will fascinate you if you at least visit once. Coxs Bazar tour St Martin tour. By Orient Tourism Channel