Social Activities | Help Poor People as Social Activities

Social Activities

Social Activities: We do social activities in two ways. You know we are working in tourism sector. So we move to many places and see crisis people due to poverty. People living on the platform of railway station and colony of rail station are homeless or landless. These family have children. They beg on the street without study. They do not get any support to change themselves. Generation after generation their life is in this crisis. The hard time of their life is in winter. It is very cold night. They have no blanket, mattress, quilt and even warm cloths to cover themselves. Spending life is very tragedy.

Besides, there are more poor people living below poverty in country side. But these people have lands or relatives to get support a little. Some of these family need help for treatment and cloths. We observe these while traveling across the country.

Now we have a few programs for these people as Social Activities.

(1) Street children: We took 5 children from rail station to support them by giving education, cloths and food. Everyday we told these children ” read if you want to eat free”. They came at the colony of rail station in order to get lunch. They studied one hour then ate lunch. Later they moved to their location.
We updated our plans. Now we take them to government school to get admitted. They will study free. We will give them study materials. If we get money more we will give cloths and sometimes food.

(2) We give some money and cloths to other poor people in village, tea worker community and tribal community accordingly our ability.

Result: Once they study more and being educated they can change their life getting job and business. They will not face troubles like food, cloths, illiteracy and they will not beg. Begging is not a profession. We want to stop begging.

Social Activities

You may have question how we get money to support these people. Here is answer for you.

(1) We encourage tourists to travel with us. If they travel, we get profit. A small portion from our profit is given to helpless people. We attract tourists to book our tour service without booking somewhere else. More business we have more opportunity we get to help people. If we do not get tourists we will not earn money. We will not give to poor people. Therefore it needs your traveling with us.
(2) If you have a plan to support us giving cloths, food and cash money, we can receive it.

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