Madhob Kundo – Highest Waterfall in Bangladesh

If you want to see a beautiful mountain waterfall, you should go to Madhob Kundo waterfall. Here water is falling from the mountain in torrent. Nature is beautifully decorated here. About 72 kilometers south of Sylhet city, Madhob Kundo waterfall. It is the largest and tallest waterfall in the country. It is located in the Patharia forest (hilly forest) area of Borolekha Upazila in Moulvibazar district. Here is misty environment with water particles dotting the waterfall. At Madhov Kunda waterfall, the cascading waterfall down from a rocky hill about 200 feet high is mind-blowing. Bathing in the water is set up at the stream of the falls and playing with the hands in the water evokes a strange thrill.

The beauty of Madhob Kundo waterfall is more enhanced during monsoon than during winter. Because during this time there is a lot of greenery around here. The current of the fountain is also very strong in rainy season. Rainy season is the best to see the vast water in the waterfall. Traditionalists and Hindus believe that the last Hindu king of Sylhet division Govar Dhan Raja was here. Govar Dhan a descendant of Gour Govindho, once he went hunting in the Patharia hills. While constructing a rest house near the pond for his rest, the king suddenly found a monk meditating near the mountain valley. Then when the king started worshiping near the monk, the monk gave various advice to the king and told him to immerse the monk in that tank on Modhu Krishna Troyodashi Tithi. It is a day of Hindu religion.

How to go to Madhob Kundo:

From Moulvibazar by bus to Kulaura or Baralekha or from Sylhet by bus via Fenchugonj-Kulaura to Baralekha and from there by bus and rickshaw to Madhavakunda. Also there is good access to Madhavakunda from Sylhet city via Biyanibazar. If you want to come by train from Dhaka, you have to get down at Kulaura first and if you come by bus, Madhavakunda is 65 kilometers from Moulvibazar district headquarters. Madhavakunda Falls is located 35 km from Kulaura and 12 km from Baralekha. You can reach Kulaura by train or bus from there by Baralekha bus stopping at Kathaltali bus stpo and from there you can easily reach Madhavakunda by rickshaw or baby taxi. The distance from Kathaltali bus stand to Madhavakunda is only 7.5 km.

  • Written by: Bimal Deb Barma
  • Profession: Teacher and Writer
  • Source of this article: Bangladesh Travel Guide Book
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