Rainy season in Bangladesh

Rainy season in Bangladesh covers few months. There is no fixed time to start rain. Even it does not finish rain in any fixed time. It comes and goes sometimes earlier and sometimes late.

Generally we know rainy season in Bangladesh starts in May. Before this month, we see untimely rain. But this is not for rainy season. In June and July there is heavy rainfall in Bangladesh. People know Bangladesh is a land of rivers. We have many streams, brooks and rivers like a network. In rainy season, low lands cover with water. Inhabitants in those are use water transport as launch, steamer, engine boat and paddle boat.

Rainy season in Bangladesh

Those who live in town or city, use motor vehicle. High lands are not victims of this natural calamity.

Rain finishes in September. Here mentioned months from May to September are considered as rainy season. In rainy season, waterfalls have plenty of water that looks beautiful. Rivers and wetlands shows the vast water body offering fish growth. In this season, farmers have chance to grow rice and other crops easily. Because of rain, trees and plans become greener. It magnifies the beauty of the country. As it is summer season, warm heat is felt.

Seasons in Bangladesh

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Summer, Rainy, Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter and Spring. Although we have 6 seasons, we notice 3 seasons show their activities strongly. These are Summer, Rainy and Winter.

Winter starts in November and finishes in February. These four months are deemed as cold season. Only December and January are the coldest months. No rain at all in this season. So, tourists start traveling more.

May to September is Rainy season. These five months are mainly rainy season. In this period, we get a lot of rain. Sometimes it rains continually. It is a good time to see the green natural beauty. Updated by Orient Tourism Channel