Rainy season in Bangladesh – Know Seasons of Bangladesh

Rainy season in Bangladesh

Rainy season in Bangladesh covers few months. There is no fixed time to start rain. Even it does not finish rain in any fixed date. It comes and goes sometimes earlier and sometimes late. Generally we see rainy season in Bangladesh starts in May and finishes in September. This is our practical record. Before and after this mentioned months, we can see untimely rain. But this does not mean rainy season.

Rainy Season in Bangladesh starts from May to September

  • April: It is not season for raining. But there is untimely rain. Not enough rain for trees and plants.
  • May: It rains often everywhere in Bangladesh. But there is no flood in this month because of no heavy rains. Some rain drops keeps the land soft. If it rains in India and drives water down, some places can be flooded.
  • June and July: This is exact time of rainy season in Bangladesh. In these months it heavily rains. At times, the rain is for whole day. No one can go outside without umbrella. Even having an umbrella, it is difficult to move for much raining. For a lot of continual raining, some low lands as wetlands, rivers and ponds are full to the brim. It floods then near the river sides. You know Bangladesh is a land of rivers. In this time, rivers, ponds and wetlands display vast water body. Inhabitants in those area use water transport as launch, steamer, engine boat and paddle boat.
  • August: It is also exact month of rainy season in Bangladesh that rains continually. Water is everywhere mostly in down land and floods.
  • September: Less raining making gaps of the days which means it is about to finish the rainy season.
  • October: Early of the month, there is sudden rain but not much. This is not seasonal rain.

Good and bad in rainy season in Bangladesh

Bad sides: Bangladesh has some bad sides of rainy season. People living near water bodies are victims for heavy rainfall. Coastal areas make huge damages to house and people. Their crops go under water. River water erodes the lands nearby. Some families have to move to high lands until water goes down. People can not visit any place easily. But possible to visit with umbrella. Though it can be uncomfortable to walk, people manage the way to move.

Good sides: For rain, agricultural lands get water which is good for farmers to grow crops. Trees and plans can grow better with green leafs and fruits. It magnifies the beauty of the country. This means they get the relief back. In the forests, while having water in rainy season, trees and plants have fruits that animals can eat enough. In rainy season, waterfalls have plenty of water that look beautiful. Rivers and wetlands show the vast water body offering fish growth.

All Seasons in Bangladesh

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Summer, Rainy, Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter and Spring. Although we have 6 seasons, we strongly notice 3 seasons with their activities. These are Summer, Rainy and Winter.

Summer: March to May. The days become very warm even at night as well.

Rainy Season: June to September. It is a good time to see the green natural beauty. Monsoon season in Bangladesh is from early June to September and sometimes there is little rain till mid October.

Winter: November to February. Winter starts in November and finishes in February. But we feel a little bit cold in October too. Only December and January are the coldest months. No rain at all in this season. So, tourists start traveling more.

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