Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh | Most Visited Tourist Spots

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bangladesh. Most Visited Tourist Spots are mentioned here. You are welcome to visit this page. In this page, we are describing about the best tourist place(s) to visit in Bangladesh. These selected most visited tourist place(s) in Bangladesh are mainly for foreign tourists. Generally tourists come from Europe, USA and Australia continent. Indeed, every tourist spots in Bangladesh has own attraction. Multi cultured people live in this green land. Our country has tribal people, historical places, archaeological sites, the longest sea beach and forest. There are world heritage sites too in Bangladesh.

To visit Bangladesh for getting real experience, you need to contact real professional tour operator in Bangladesh or tourism company in Bangladesh. Because many tour companies are available with reviews. To find out the real one, you should check testimonials of tour companies. Many Bangladesh tour company provides tour guide during the tour in Bangladesh. You can find here best tourist place(s) to visit in Bangladesh. Besides you can also take service separately either Bangladesh Tour Guide or rent a car with a driver only.

Best Places to visit in Bangladesh | Most Visited Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

  • Lawachara: A unique tropical rain forest in Bangladesh is most visited tourist place as Lawachara National Park. It is the home of ape – Gibbon. Besides there are diversity of animals. This forest is the best for trekking, hiking and walking for wildlife and nature.
  • Ratarul: Only biggest Amazon thrilling forest in Bangladesh is Ratargul swamp forest. People consider it as second amazon in Bangladesh. Therefore, the best time to visit this forest is rainy season. It is one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.
  • Rema Kalenga: Rema Kalenga is a national park too. But it has less bush and trees in the forest. This is known as wild life sanctuary, a good place for walking and animals.
  • Sathchori: This forest has small area similar to Rema Kalenga. It is also good for walking in the forest and there is a hanging bridge from tree to tree.
  • Rajkhandi: The largest hilly forest in Sylhet is the best place for adventure trekking in deep forest on high hills. There is a vast waterfall named Humhum in this forest. Much water is in rainy season. But it is only for trekkers. Because you have to hike on high hills for 5 kilometres.
  • Bandarban: The highest peak of the hill in Bangladesh is Bandarabn. It is a risky place for trekking and difficult to get permission. But you can visit easy place(s) which are most visited in Bangladesh.

Ethnic Community Tour-Tribal

  • Chakma tribe in Chittagong hill tracts is with their unique.
  • Bom tribe- in Chittagong hill tracts. You can see their life style while visiting.
  • Murong- This tribe lives Chittagong hill tracts.
  • Mong- They live in hill tracts in Chittagong.
  • Hajong- hilly areas.
  • Tripura tribe– living in forest, unique culture.
  • Garo tribe- in Mymensingh, Srimangal and Sylhet.
  • Khasia tribe– maternal society is in Sylhet. Lifestyle in forest.
  • Monipuri tribe– Living in countryside, majority in Sylhet.
  • Urang- rare in numbers.

Archaeological Tour as the Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

  • Bogra- archaeological sites.
  • Rajshahi- archaeology.
  • Dinajpur- Hindu archaeological temple. It is also the most visited place of Bangladesh.
  • Rongpur- palace.

River Cruise Tour

Cycling Tour in Bangladesh

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