Best places to visit in Bangladesh

Best Places to visit in Bangladesh

To visit Bangladesh, you need to contact tour operator in Bangladesh or tourism company in Bangladesh. Bangladesh tour company provides tour guide during the tour in Bangladesh. You can find here best places to visit in Bangladesh. There are Bangladesh Tour Guide and rent a car. Sundarban tour from Dhaka is a Sundarban package tour that everything included.

Forest Trip

  • Sundarbans- world heritage site, the largest mangrove forest of the world. Find more information at Sundarban tour and Sundarban tour package.
  • Lawachara- tropical rain forest known as National Park. It is the home of ape- Gibbon. Best for trekking, hiking and walking wildlife.
  • Ratarul- swamp forest in Bangladesh. Second amazon in Bangladesh. Best time to visit this forest is rainy season.
  • Rema Khalenga- Wild life sanctuary good for walking and animals.
  • Sathchori- good for walking in the forest and there is a hanging bridge from tree to tree.
  • Rajkhandi- Best for adventure trekking in deep forest in high hill. A vast waterfall Humhum is in this forest. Much water is in rainy season. It is only for trekkers.

Ethnic Community Tour-Tribal

  • Chakma tribe- in Chittagong hill tracts.
  • Bom tribe- in Chittagong hill tracts.
  • Murong- Chittagong hill tracts.
  • Mong- hill tracts in Chittagong.
  • Hajong- hilly areas.
  • Tripura tribe– living in forest, unique culture.
  • Garo tribe- in Mymensingh, Srimangal and Sylhet.
  • Khasia tribe– maternal society is in Sylhet. Lifestyle in forest.
  • Monipuri tribe– Living in countryside, majority in Sylhet.
  • Urang- rare in numbers.

Archaeological Tour

  • Bogra- archaeological sites
  • Rajshahi- archaeology
  • Dinajpur- Hindu archaeological temple
  • Rongpur- palace

River Cruise Tour

Cycling Tour

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