One day tour in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, city visit with private experienced tour guide

one day tour in Dhaka

One day tour in Dhaka, Bangladesh is the most common for foreign tourists. Though the tour in Dhaka city is a short visit, you can get idea about lifestyle of Bangladeshi people, history and archaeological sites. You can see some most attractive places too. There are several tour programs starting from Dhaka city mentioned below that all tour programs are day tours.  You can customize as well. Short description is with all programs. To get more detailed information and tour price, click on the links. If you have own transport, you can just book a local tour guide.

  • One day tour in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. Tour Program-A

Visit the the most interesting places in Dhaka city such as SadarGhat river port, Majestic Pink Palace, old Hindu street, Lalbag Fort and the famous Dhakeshweri national Hindu temple, Curzon Hall, Shahid Minar, National Mosque, Star Mosque, Kali Mondir, Kawran Bazar and parliament building. This is the common tour program that most tourists visit.

  • One day tour in Dhaka with a short description. Tour Program-B

This is a photography tour for one day in Old Dhaka city of Bangladesh. Places are like Sadarghat river port on the Buriganga river, Shkhari Bazar, old streets, Karwan Bazar, Komolapur Rail station etc.

  • Short a description. Tour Program- C

Visit the parliament building which is the most valuable building in Bangladesh from where legislative procedures start. You can see exterior design from far. To see interior design, we have to apply for necessary permission. Then we will continue to visit Lalbagh Fort and Curzon Hall.

One Day Tour in Dhaka City with Private Experienced Tour Guide

  • One day tour in Dhaka, Best birding tour in Bangladesh. Tour Program- D

Birding tour to Mirpur botanical Garden for observing beautiful birds. In this garden, you can enjoy the nature and watch different types of birds. Later we will move to Jahangir Nagar University (30 km) for bird watching. You can also see birds in this place.

  • Short description. Tour Program- E

Sonargaon day trip with river cruise. We will drive to Boyddar Bazar (27 km) near Sonargaon to cruise in the mighty Meghna river for about 2 hours. There are engine boats to cruise in this river. Here you can get the touch of nature and village life of Bangladesh. Visit the historical palce Sonargoan. It is the ancient capital of Bengal and folk art museum to see the things display in the galleries.

  • One day tour in Dhaka with a short description. Tour Program- F

Drive towards Demra ghat to boat cruising upstream on Shitolakhya River towards Murapara zamindar’s palace built in 1889.  We can stop at  a village named Noapora to see their traditional Jamdanee cloth weaving. 

Choose any of these Programs for One Day Tour in Bangladesh

  • Short description. Tour Program- G

Full day tour towards Dhamrai to see the famous brass pottery work in Bangladesh. This work has been since Pala dynasty or 7th century. We will continue to Nayarhat a pottery village to see pottery work and National memorial.

  • Short a description. Tour Program- H

This is a full day tour to Cumilla. It is out of Dhaka city which is about (114 km) far. Going there you can visit Buddhist monasteries, temples and stupas at Moinamati and Lalmai. On the way back, you can visit Sonargaon, is the ancient capital city of Bengal.

  • Short a description. Tour Program- I

In historical capital city Dhaka, you can visit to a museum, National Museum, liberation war Museum. 

Note: There are several day tour in Dhaka that you can customize on your choice. This one day tour of Dhaka is the most common. See more Bangladesh Tour Package here. Provided by Orient Tourism Channel

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