Sadarghat Launch Terminal is the most busiest one in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Sadarghat Launch Terminal is the most busiest one in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you compare with other terminals in the world, it may be only the busiest one of the world. Every hours of the day there are crowd of people and traffic of boats, launches in this place. Here you will see big launches starts to other down lands with passengers. Small boats carry passengers from one side to others. Day laborers are busy with their daily jobs. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to walk through the narrow path.

Once upon a time, this terminal was used for Arabian, European and India rich businessmen. They used it do transportation by ship and other water transport. It was so deep then. Now this river is a place of coming drainage water from Dhaka city.

You can also take a boat journey here to enjoy lifestyle of people. Besides there is a place people repairing boats and launches. To speak the truth, you will enjoy your visit here even it is crowd.

Sadarghat Launch Terminal

Sadarghat Launch Terminal is a worthy place to visit for everyone. Besides it is the best scene for photographer.

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