Dhaka City Tour

Dhaka City Tour

Dhaka City Tour for  1 Day Tour

Dhaka City Tour is for one day. Most attractive places in Dhaka are below. For full day Dhaka city tour, you need to book a tour with us for easily travel and get proper information from highly experienced tour guide. By reserved car, our tour guide will take you to the best tourists places.

Duration: Full Day / 10 Hours. Best Time: Round the year.

Tour starts at 8/9  AM

  • Star Mosque –  This mosque has ornate design and figured with blue stars inner and outer. Mirza Golam a landlord built it with Mughal style in the first half of 19th century. Mosaics and tiles were brought from Japan and Europe to set design on the wall. Star mosque has oblong domes. This mosque is still in use. It is a worthy place in Dhaka city tour.
  • Ahsan Manzil– This edifice was the official residential palace and seat of Nwab (King) of Dhaka. Once it was used to enjoy the time on dancing program by beautiful girls brought from home and abroad. Its construction was started in 1859 and completed in 1872. Now this is a government owned museum. Used things of them are now in this museum. This building draws much attraction for tour of native and foreign tourists in Dhaka city.
  • Lalbagh Fort – Emperor Aurangzeb’s son Muhammed Azam started its construction in 1678 AD. Shaesta Khan got order from Muhammed Azam to complete this fort. During construction, his beloved daughter’s immature death shocked his heart very much for which he stopped the construction. It is an incomplete fort which carries historical information. There was tunnel for them to hide while there was any battle and to cross a river. It is sealed now. This is most important tour spot in Dhaka city.
  • Parliament Building – It is the house of parliament of Bangladesh. Parliament sits in this building. Construction was started in 1961 and completed in 1982 on the design of American architect Louis Khan. This is one of the famous legislative constructed building of the world. Its cost USD $ 32 million. You can see it from out side. Remarkable in Dhaka city tour.

Tourist places for Dhaka City Tour in Bangladesh

  • Dhakeshwari Temple – This temple was built in 11th century by king Ballal Sen. It is a state own Hindu temple of Bangladesh. Name of the temple means the Goddess of Dhaka. This is why people believe that name of the capital city is after the temple name. As it is very oldest and famous temple, every day many visitors gather here to visit and Hindus are here to worship.
  • Shakari Bazar – A narrow lane of walking path goes to Shakari Bazar. Shakari Bazar is a market place where mostly things for Hindus are sold. This bazar was started from Mughal period. A crowded place in old Dhaka. A best place for photography too. To visit this place, you have to walk long through the path.
  • Sadarghat (River Transportation Point) – A water transport station where launch, steamer, engine boat and paddle boat start here to launch tour from Dhaka to other district city. Sadarghat is at Burigangha river. This place is very crowd and traffic of paddle boats. Good place for boating. You must enjoy this place seeing daily activities and boating in the river. This is the best place for photography.
  • Curzon Hall– A British king era building is after the name of lord Curzon. Its foundation was in 1904 as town hall. Now it is under University of Dhaka. While visiting this area, you will see several buildings display British design colonial period. The history of British will draw you back to think. A good place is walking around to relax.

Enjoy Historical Places

  • Armenian Church – Armenian community was in 17th and 18th century in Dhaka. Armenian community built it in their existence. Persians conquered Eastern Armenia. That time a king named Shah Abbas deported approximately 40,000 Armenian businessmen to Isfahan and new Julfa. This community followed Persians and came here. They were traders recognized by Mughal govt in the late of 17th century. Their business was textile, jute and leather. There is a big church where you can see some graveyards.
  • You can also visit Martyrs’ monument. Students and general people sacrificed their life for language movement in 1952. It was happened with Pakistanis. That’s why we remember the time which symbol reflects here.
  • National monument shows its memory of liberation war in 1971. We got independence then in exchange of 9 months blood shedding war with Pakistanis.
  • There are more tour attraction in Dhaka city that you can customize on your choice and budget. This is the most common used by foreign tourists.
  • Enjoy Bengali food in Bengali restaurant at lunch time.
Dhaka city tour

Price list of Dhaka City Tour Package Below in USD $

PersonsPrice Option-A (Each Person)Price Option-B (Each Person)
1 95 150
2 55 90
3 45 80
4 35 75
5 30 70
6 25 60
7 20 50
8 30 45
9 30 45
10 30 45
11 30 45
12 30 45
13 30 40
14 30 40
15 30 40
Included:* Pick up from your hotel or Dhaka airport, private AC car for whole day, parking fee, entry fee, fuel, local English speaking tour guide, bottled water, snacks, drop off at picked up place or your choice place.

* Pick up from Dhaka airport or your staying hotel in Dhaka, reserved private AC car during trip, English speaking professional tour guide, entry fee, parking fee, bottled water, Lunch- Bengali food, snacks, drop off at airport or your hotel in Dhaka.
Excluded:Lunch and personal expense.Personal expense.
Advice to visit Old Dhaka
  • While visiting religious places such as mosque men and women should wear long pant, Women should cover hair and body with cloth. Do not visit prayer time. There are 5 times of prayer in a day.
  • To visit inside, you should put off your shoes outside.
  • To visit inside Hindu temple, keep your shoes off. Because they are in pray.
  • Parliament building visiting from outside is possible anytime. If you want to see inside, we can take permission that will charge you extra fee.
  • Dhaka city tour is customize-able. Check more Bangladesh tours package to visit old Dhaka by Orient Tourism Channel
  • Since it is a day long city tour in Dhaka, you can book anytime.

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