Old Dhaka Tour

Old Dhaka Tour

Old Dhaka tour is a city tour. Places to visit- Parliament building,  Star Mosque, Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh fort, Dhakeshery Hindu Temple, Ship yard, Old Bazar, boating etc.

Duration: Full day/ 10 hours  –  Location: New and Old Dhaka.
Best Time: Round the year.

old Dhaka tour

Itinerary of Old Dhaka Tour

At 8.00 am/9.00 am, we will start our tour activities- full day city tour to the following places.

  • Sadarghat terminal is a water bus station from where water buses start launch tour from Dhaka towards other towns through mighty rivers. It is a much crowd place of people walking and working. Many paddle wooden boats carry passengers and things from one side to another. Big launches are at the point to start.
  • Shakari Bazar is the oldest market place stretching narrow lane with two sides brick building. This market named after Bengali Hindus. It was build in Mughal period or colonial period. Walking through narrow lanes of old Dhaka to see bazar and busy life of people.
  • Star Mosque is a mosque with star signs and design inner and outer walls with mosaic imported from Japan, China and English tiles. Hundreds of blue stars used on the domes of white marble. It was built in 19th century during Mughal period. This is also a famous mosque.
  • Armenian Church is historically significant place which has architectural design building. Armenia church was built in the existence Armenian in 17th century.

Enjoy Old Dhaka Tour With Us

  • Dhakeshawari Hindu temple is a state owned temple. It was built in 12th century. Dhakeshawari means Goddess of Dhaka. The oldest one in capital city where Hindus gather to worship. It is a national temple.
  • Lalbag Mughol Fort is the most popular fort of arts by Mughal empire. The construction work started in 1678 but it was incomplete. It carries huge history.
  • Curzon Hall is a British king era building. It got the name after Lord Curzon who founded it in 1904. It shows British design building. Now this is the faculty of Dhaka University.
  • Central Shaheed Minar is a national martyr monument. Its establishment was after language movement in 1952. It carries the history of Bangla language.
  • Ahsan Monzil is of Mughal era called Pink Palace. It was built in 1859 and completed in 1872. In the starting, this building was used to enjoy the time keeping beautiful girls brought from home and abroad. Now it is a national museum.
  • The distinctive National Parliament Building is a national parliament house. The parliament building was excellently designed by American architect Louis Khan while it was still Pakistan. It is one of the largest legislative buildings of the world. Construction started in 1961 and finished in 1982.
  • National Martyrs’ Memorial is a monument of Bangladesh. It reminds those who died liberation war of 1971.
  • You will take famous local food of Dhaka in a Bengali restaurant at lunch time.

Tour ends: we will drop you at your place by 5/6 pm. You can customize old Dhaka tour on your choice which you want to visit or not.

Price Option Below

Price Option- ATour Price- Option-B
1 Person – $ 95 Each
2 Persons- $ 55 Each
3 Persons- $ 45 Each
4 Persons- $ 35 Each
5 Persons- $ 30 Each
6 Persons- $ 25 Each
Included: Pick up from your hotel / airport, private AC car for whole day, parking fee, entry fee, local tour guide, bottled water, snacks and drop off at picked up place.
Excluded: Lunch and personal expense.
1 Pax (Each- $ 150 )
2 Pax (Each- $ 90 )
3 Pax (Each- $ 80 )
4 Pax (Each- $ 75)
5 Pax (Each- $ 70)
6 Pax (Each- $ 60)
Included: Pick up from hotel or airport, private AC car for whole day, professional tour guide, lunch, snacks, water bottled, parking fee, entry fee, fuel, driver expense  and drop off at hotel or airport.

/old Dhaka tour

Note: In this visit, you can see old Dhaka historical place which is the best tourist place in Dhaka division. There are more things to see in and around Dhaka city.

Besides, there are textile mills where tourists can visit to see the daily work and mechanism. Small ship breaking yard is here. Once it was used to do huge work. Now you can see how workers break launch, boat and repairing these water transports. People are busy always in their daily work.  Operated By Orient Tourism Channel