Bangladeshi Food | Details of Bangla Food Using in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Food

Read here about Bangladeshi Food. Find full details of Bangla Food how and what people eat in Bangladesh. Are you planning to visit Bangladesh? If so, you must need to know the food habit in Bangladesh.

Details of Bangla Food in Bangladesh

  • Rice: Rice is staple food in Bangladesh. Rice is the main food of Bangladeshi people. People are called Bengali with fish and rice. Majority people eat rice three times a day. Boiled plain rice is common at home and restaurant. Paddy is grown in village and wetland area so it is distributed across the country. Rice is in abound for growth here. In every market, rice is sale.
  • Fried Rice: Fried rice dish is of different categories food. Categories are chicken fried rice in which there are fried rice and chicken, egg fried rice is with only egg, mutton fried rice with mutton. Hotch potch is a mix of different type of Bangladeshi food items as rice, lentil, meat and egg.
  • Fish: It is common to eat with rice. Fish is available in market. Now businessmen cultivate most fish in farm area. Besides there is fish of pond, canal, river and lake. Big fish is less bony. Small fish is with tiny bones. All fishes are delicious.
  • Vegetable: People eat vegetable with rice. Vegetable is directly cooked as boiling with much soup, fish or dry fish. Also they fry vegetable to eat with rice. The agricultural land in Bangladesh is fertile. Farmers grow vegetable in their land for their business and family use. Besides anyone can grow vegetable nearby their house for personal use. It is easy to find everywhere.
  • Daal / Lentil: It is energetic. Commonly we see people cook this to eat with rice. In restaurant and house in Bangladesh, you will find this food item. One is light and another is thick cooked.

Bangladeshi Food is Delicious

  • Meat: Meat is common Bangladeshi food too to eat with rice. There is difference of meat. Beef– beef is common to Muslims. It is very good meat comparatively with others. In most restaurants, you will get it, but not everywhere. Because Hindus do not eat beef. Mutton– It is easy to get everywhere. Chicken is available in every restaurants.
  • Curry: Fish curry or meat curry that are very common to serve with rice. These curries are with soup or dry. They become much delicious.
  • Mashed: These are extra items with rice even you have curry or vegetable. To increase the interest to food, some mashed are served. These mashed are of tomato, eggplant, egg, lentil, potato, dry fish and with any seasonable vegetable. It is the best food item in Bangladesh.
  • Bread: Bread is also available in restaurants after rice. These breads are of flour. In standard restaurants, you will get bread anytime. Touristic restaurants make plain naan( bread), garlic naan, butter naan. In normal restaurants, they make only in the morning. Their breads are plain naan. You can eat the bread with vegetable and daal.

Hope you read about the food in Bangladesh that Bangladeshi people eat.

Though the food is delicious you need some advice

  • Most countries of Asia, example of Bangladesh that people eat much spices with curry.
  • In every cooking, the chef adds chilly powder, green pepper etc.
  • So, whenever you are in Bangladesh, you should know what food you want to eat or whether the spicy is possible or not for you. If you have habit with spicy, it is OK to taste.
  • Beyond the ready food, you can order at restaurant what amount of spicy you can eat.
  • Otherwise spicy will make trouble to your stomach. For this problem, you can not do your regular activity.
  • Advice for you to eat less spicy food if you are from Western countries.
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