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Bangladesh Tourism

Bangladesh tourism is a different tourism to foreign tourists. Although you made some tourism activities in the world, Bangladesh tourism is really exceptional. Because Bangladesh has unique culture unlike others. And it is a country of mixed culture. Still Bangladesh is unknown to many people of the world for tourism. It is undiscovered land too. The area of Bangladesh is very small and 3 sides East, West and North are surrounded by India. Only South side is to the Bay of Bengal.

Know More For Bangladesh Tourism

You might have gone to many countries for tourism and enjoyed with that culture. Now it is your time to think for Bangladesh tourism. Before tourism in Bangladesh, you need to to know about a country. Here are some information below.

  • First of all is visa which is very important. Bangladesh has embassies in many countries where you can contact for visa or to know how to get visa. There are online application too. In some countries, there is not Bangladesh embassy. For this, you can go to other countries having embassy of Bangladesh. Hope you will get information for it. The citizens of many countries get on arrival visa. People of some countries need invitation letter to get visa for entering in the country.
  • Air ticket is easy which you can do online. Much advance ticket purchasing is cheaper and hassle free. You can find all international airlines online to book ticket.
  • Advance hotel booking is better to get quality room. Besides there is peak season of traveling which starts from November to February. There are hotels from normal to 5 star level.
  • For visiting this country, you may not organize everything easily because of more things are not available online and you need support of local tour service provider in Bangladesh.

Welcome to Explore

  • This country is the land of rivers with many small and big rivers which has network one another. It is a good place for journey by boat. There are modern launch which run day and night. Besides there is rocket steamer made and used by British. It is 100 years old wheel boat. Most famous to foreign tourists.
  • Food is authentic to you. The food in Bangladesh is similar to India. It is very delicious because of cooking with various spices.
  • People speak in Bangla as their national language. But in tribal communities, people have own mother tongue to communicate one another. Every tribe has respective language.
  • It is a Muslim country. People are very friendly to tourists. That is why it is safest for Bangladesh tourism. Besides there are Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhist.
  • Most attraction in Bangladesh is the world famous mangrove forest Sundarbans. The longest sea beach of the world is Cox’s Bazar. Bangladesh tourism service provided by Orient Tourism Channel
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