Parliament Building of Bangladesh known as Sangsad Bhaban

Parliament building

Parliament Building of Bangladesh known as Sangsad Bhaban is one of the most attractive places in Dhaka. American architect Luis I Khan designed the building. The working started in 1965 and ended in 1982. This is the building as assembly of parliament members of the country where legislation is made. The place to control administration of all places in the country. If you have interest in visiting inside the building, you can do too. But there is no possibility directly. A tour operator can manage the permission to visit inside. There is an artificial lake around the building which attracts local and foreign visitors.

Parliament building is so popular that every day people visit the place outside. It is an attraction to tourists not only in Dhaka but also in South Asia. We recommend every tourist to visit.

To visit this building, you can do a day tour yourself. If you can not do it, find Dhaka city tour package in this website. OR a local tour guide from this website for your private tours. We do it in every tour package.

Information collected from a Bangla Travel Guide Book named Vromon Guide written by S.M. Numan Uddin published by Maple Publication.

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