Dhakeshwari Temple | Oldest Hindu Temple in Dhaka City

Dhakeshawary Temple

Dhakeshwari temple is a Hindu temple. This is the oldest Hindu temple in the capital city. In 11th century, it was build by a Hundu king named Ballal Sen. It is one of the most known Hindu temples which attracts native visitors and foreign tourists every year. There are many histories about it. So, many tourists visit this regularly. As this is a worshiping place of Hindu people, you as a visitor wear custom dress code befitting to a religious place. You will see worshipers gather to do the their religious activities. There is another temple known as Sheeb Mandir established here by Mughal warrior Maan Singh.

Every day thousands people visit this temple for either worshiping or as tourists. You can visit this place when you plan to make a day tour in Dhaka city. A professional tour guide will describe more in a trip. This is mostly for people who want to know culture and religious activities.

You can find city tour package in this website to visit this worthy place or book a local tour guide through this website for your private trip to Dhakeshwari temple and other nearby places. See on this link guide charge of local tour guide.

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