Star Mosque | Oldest and Attractive Mosque in Dhaka

star mosque

Star Mosque is an old mosque built in 18th century by landlord Mirza Gulam Meer. This mosque has star sign mosaic. There are many mosques in Dhaka. Star mosque is one of the them which is the most attractive. You can see this place in Dhaka city tour.

Dhaka city is called the city of mosque because of there are many mosques. You may know that mosque is a place for Muslims to say pray. They pray 5 times a day. The mosque is a sacred place. Not for a tourist’s place. But for its majesty and attraction, it attracts people. So, everyday native and foreign tourists come here to visit.

As a visitor, you can visit this mosque too. As far you know this is a praying place. That’s why you need to follow some rules. Here are some advice given below for tourists.

  • You can visit it outside anytime.
  • You should not enter into the mosque while praying.
  • Check the time of prayer before going there.
  • Do not wear half pants / short cloths.
  • Women should cover head with cloth as scarf.
  • Cover body properly with cloths.

To visit this mosque, you can do it in one day tour in Dhaka. Find tour package in this website to this place. OR hire a tour guide only for your private tours.

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