Sonargaon tour to ancient capital city of Bengal, Panam city

Sonargaon Tour , panam city

Sonargaon tour to Panam city which is the ancient capital city of Bengal that will be operated by our professional experienced local tour guide or tour operator from Dhaka city. As tour guides are local, they have locally skills to handle this tour smoothly. This tour is outside the chaotic of the Dhaka city life where you can relax your time. It is the most important place to visit outside Dhaka city, if you like calmness and village life.

Highlighted places in the tour: Panam City, Goaldi Mosque, Museum, landlord house, Jamdhani  weaving village and country side.

  • Time to visit: Round the year. Best time: November to March.
  • Starting: Pick up at 8 am or 9 am from your hotel or airport in Dhaka.
  • Finish: Drop off at 6 pm at your hotel or airport in Dhaka.
  • Tour Duration: Full day / 8 hours.
  • Customisable: Timing and activities can be customization on your choice.
Sonargaon Tour

Itinerary of Sonargaon tour, ancient capital city of Bengal, Panam city

  • Starting of Sonargaon Tour: Our local tour guide or tour operator will receive you from the airport or your staying hotel in Dhaka city at 8 am / 9 am. Then we will start driving to the tourist spots. The driving from your place to tourist spots may take about 1 hour.
  • Goaldi Mosque, you will visit the oldest Goaldi mosque in Sonargaon. Goaldi mosque was constructed in 1519 with terracotta design. It is one dome mosque. It may take minimum 10 minutes to visit around. It is abandoned and about to destroy. But you can imagine its history seeing its present appearance.
  • Panam city, we start the driving to the ancient capital city of Bengal. Once upon a time, this place was the capital city of Bengal. There are many abandoned houses built in Mughal period. These historical old houses were made between 12th to 15th century. Houses were residence, governance, entertainment and shops. Hindu merchants built these houses following the British colonial style. This Panam city is known to local as a ghost city now. It looks a cinematic view in the middle path standing houses on both sides. Panam city is the main tour attraction in Sonargaon. You can walk around to see old houses and get historical information. Here you can spend minimum 20 minutes.

Sonargaon Museum and Landlord House

  • Sonargaon Museum, later we move to the Sonargaon museum in which you can see old things used centuries ago. There are landlord houses too. You can visit in the Sordar house (landlord house). Sonargaon is the best place for archaeological interesting tourists. It may take minimum 1 hour to visit. A vast place in Sonargaon museum area for tourist to walk to enjoy natural view in country side. There are many souvenir shops to buy Bangladeshi products to remind your Bangladesh visit.
  • Lunch, there are local restaurants serving local Bengali dishes. Most of the restaurants serve Bengali food as steamed rice, vegetable, meat, fish etc. But you can eat Chinese food too at some restaurants.
  • Jamdani weaving village, then we will move to Jamdani weaving village. This village is much popular as a weaving village after the fabrics Jamdani cloth business. Because majority people involve in weaving activity. Once upon a time it was so famous in Bengal. Here you can see how people traditionally weave cloths with their old process like hand loom machine. Cloths are very light and comfortable to wear. In and around this village, you can walk to see their lifestyle. Every family involves in the same work. There is also textile machine to make cloths. You may find people catching fish at the water bodies.
  • Tour ends at 5/6 PM. We will drop off you at the mentioned place.
  • OR, You can add other places. Please check below.

Tour Package Price Per Person Base in USD Dollar

Person ifEach cost
Inclusion and Exclusion
* Pick up from your staying hotel or airport in Dhaka,
* AC reserved private car for whole day, 
* Parking fee, entry fee,
* English speaking experienced local tour guide,
* Boating cost,
* Drop off at your hotel or airport in Dhaka.
Excluded: Lunch and your personal expense.

Note: You can customize Sonargaon tour on your choice. Besides you can find out more package tour in Bangladesh organized by  Orient Tourism Channel.

  • Other places: Tazmohol – a replica of original Tazmahal of India which was built by a Bangladesh film maker for their film activities. It is nice for the photo. Pyramid – A small pyramid was built by the same film maker for their film activities. In this area, there are some more attractions of the film industries such as various machines used in British period, stage for drama action place. Boating in the Meghna river – boating in the river to visit island villages is also another attraction. The water in the river is a slow motion. One of the biggest rivers of Bangladesh is Meghna in which you can take a boat ride. This is amazing boating in the river to see people living on island. Village – most of the houses are traditionally made with bamboo and wood. You can walk through the village to know local lifestyle. Profession of these people is fishing, agricultural activities and daily workers.

Opening Schedule of Sonargaon and Panam City Tour

Sonargaon Museum Opening Hours:

  • During Summer (April- September) Friday- Wednesday: 10 AM – 6 PM.
  • During Winter (October – March) Friday – Wednesday: 9 Am – 5 PM.

Sonargaor Museum Off Days:

(1) Thursdays, (2)Sobea Borat and Sobea Kodor, (3) In Ramadan, till 3 PM, (4) Previous day of Eid Day.

Opening Hours for Panam City Tour:

  • During summer (April-September) Tuesday-Saturday: 10 AM- 6 PM, Monday- 2.30 PM- 6 PM.
  • During winter (October-March) Tuesday-Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM, Monday 1.30 PM- 5 PM.

Panam Nagar Off days:
(1) Sundays, (2) Any government holidays, (3) Till 4 PM, (4) The previous day and on Eid days.

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