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Swamp Forest Ratargul

There is a swamp Forest named Ratargul in Sylhet. This is the only biggest swamp forest in Bangladesh. It is an amazing forest to resemble amazon forest. Once upon a time this Ratargul swamp forest was an adventure thrilling while riding boat because of a lot of snakes could be seen on the trees. They moved happily in the undiscovered land. When local people starts visiting and the movement of people often, snakes went away. Now some snakes are in the hidden area. You must be excited visiting this forest. But there is schedule to visit this forest. The best time to visit Swamp forest is rainy season.

This tour is by paddle boat. You can spend a day or few hours. One round boating is enough. There is also a watch tower from the top of it you can see the view. For making this trip, you can contact with a tour operator in order to organize it in secured way and with proper information. This is situated in Fatehpur union, Gowain Ghat area in Sylhet division. The Gowain river goes through the forest.

It is about 20 kilometers far from Sylhet town and drives of 50 minutes depending on road condition. It is a hilly area for which road has some breaches and holes. There are many kinds of trees. These trees grow mostly in watersides. Even there is much water these trees can survive. Half of the trees go under water during rainy season. During this period, they are still alive. It looks very nice.

Swamp Forest Ratargul in Sylhet

Ratargul welcomes you to visit the largest swamp forest in Sylhet, Bangladesh. You can visit this forest when you are in Sylhet. It is a worthy place to visit in Sylhet. Don’t miss it. So, you should contact with local tour operator for Sylhet tour.

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