Sylhet Tour Package to the Most Attractive Places

Sylhet Tour

This tour package is provided by local tour guide and operator of our experience tourism company in Sylhet.  Attractions: Swamp forest, Bisnakhandi / Sadapathor (White Stone block), Pangthumai and a saint place. Tour Duration: Full Day.
Best time to visit: Rainy season. Starting location: From any hotel or airport in Sylhet. Ending location: In the same place picked up. Starting time: at 8.00 AM and Ending time: at 5.00 PM. Customize-able.

Itinerary of Day Long Sylhet Tour Package

Starts: In the morning, our local tour guide or tour operator will meet you at your hotel or airport in Sylhet to start this tour package. We start in the morning by reserved transport to

  • swamp forest Ratargul which is only famous swamp forest in Bangladesh where half of the trees go under water in rainy season. It shows the thrilling like Amazon and little similarity of Sundarbans. Boating is the way of visiting this place in Rainy season. Boat moves through the forest. You can do this boating according to your choice. You can also walk under the trees in this forest in winter. In winter, the forest becomes dry except the canal for boating.
  • After this we will start for Bisnakandi or Sadapathor. Bisnakandi or Sadapathor where there is a river that comes from India and the remote hilly natural beauty is nestled in India. You can also boat here.  Another attraction is a waterfall situated in India. But you can see standing in Bangladesh.  After this visit, we will journey back to Sylhet town. We will drop you at your hotel or airport. Ends.

Note: This tour is available every day. You can also customize your tours. Sylhet tour guide service and package are provided by our operator of Orient Tourism Channel

Tour cost options are below. 

1-pax (Each – $ 120)
2-pax (Each – $ 80)
3-pax (Each – $ 70)
4-pax (Each – $ 60)
5-pax (Each – $ 55)
6-pax (Each – $ 50)
7-pax (Each – $ 40)
8-pax (Each – $ 35)
9-pax (Each – $ 30)
10-pax (Each – $ 25)
1-pax (Each – $ 150)
2-pax (Each – $ 117)
3-pax (Each- $ 80)
4-pax (Each – $ 70)
5-pax (Each – $ 65)
6-pax (Each – $ 60)
7-pax (Each – $ 55)
8-pax (Each – $ 50)
9-pax (Each – $ 45)
10-pax (Each – $ 40)
Tour includes: Local reserved transport- CNG / car / Micro, snacks- seasonal fruit-tea-biscuit, bottled water, boating cost, parking fee, Entry fee, English speaking professional local tour guide of Sylhet.
Excluded: Lunch and your personal expenses.
Tour Includes: Reserved AC car for whole day, lunch, bottled water, parking fee, entry fee, English speaking experienced tour guide.
Excluded: Your personal expenses.
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