Humhum adventure trekking tour to the vast Waterfall

Humhum adventure trekking tour

HumHum adventure trekking tour to visit the vast waterfall. Humhum is the best trekking place for adventure tour from Sreemangal.

Time to visit: Round the year. Best time: Rainy season. Tour duration: One day.

Tour Plan of HumHum Adventure Trekking Tour

  • Get ready in your hotel in the early morning for the adventure trekking tour to Humhum waterfall.
  • Get in the transport near your hotel in Sreemangal at about 6/7 A.M. The driving starts toward the place to visit. It may take about 1.30 hours to reach the parking place.
  • After reaching the parking place, you will start hiking and trekking tour to humhum in the Rajkandhi reserved forest which is fully adventure.
  • From parking place, the Hum Hum waterfall is about 5 kilometers. Normally for good trekkers it takes about 1.30 hours.
  • Through trekking, you will see 5/6 hills of average minimum 300 hundreds feet height from the ground level. You will walk up and down on the hills.
  • You will see green view of the hills, dense forest and Tripura state of India.
  • Some villages of India can be seen from far being on the top of the hill in this forest.
  • There is are streams in the forest. Through one of the main streams, you will walk to the waterfall. This walking is for about 30 minutes.
  • Less water in dry season and much water rainy season. You will be amazed to see this view.
  • Then you will reach the vast HumHum waterfall. You can take bath here, relax in cool breeze or walk up the hill.

Short Break in the Forest

  • After sometime, you will start back to parking place. The same way is easier and better.
  • Besides there is another way which is the most adventurous and longer path. This is not used often that’s why it covers jungle and some hills turn into stone paths.
  • Coming back to the place, you can have lunch as local dish or to get in the transport to go to the town for having lunch in a restaurant.
  • Later we will drop off you at your place / hotel.
  • The trip ends.

The Cost of Humhum Adventure Trekking Tour to Waterfall

Group SizeEach Price in USD $
Price Inclusion and Exclusion
Include: Three seated CNG (if 2 persons) / AC car / Jeep (if maximum 10 persons), parking fee, dry food and fruit for lunch, English speaking professional tour guide.
Excluded: Your personal expenses.

Advice and Guidelines During the Trip

  • During the trekking in the forest, there is no locality to get food and water to have. So, we have to carry dry food or some fruits and water. But if we order at parking place beforehand, some shop can cook for us.
  • It is situated in remote area close to India.
  • This place is suitable for adventure trekkers. Only trekkers are fit to visit it.
  • In every month, tourist can visit this place. There is less water except rainy season. You can bath here too. If interested people want to see the vast water in the waterfall, rainy season is the best.
  • It is about 5 kilometers far from the parking area. To trek in the forest, it needs minimum 1.30 hours walking. You can buy bamboo stick support to walk up the hills.
  • Another way: while coming back another option is through stream way in which it becomes more adventurous for muddy and much water. It becomes also a funny tour.  
  • You can customize this tour and time.
  • Generally this tour starts at 7.00 A.M and finish at 5.00 P.M. Humhum adventure trekking tour starts from Srimongol run by Orient Tourism Channel. But possible to start from your location.
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