Bangladesh Travel Guide Book

Bangladesh Travel Guide Book

For visiting, you may need Bangladesh travel guide book which is helpful to know about the country. Here I will recommend some travel guide books for Bangladesh visit. Well, you may that Bangladesh is a land of rivers, green natural view, hills, longest sea beach in the world, historical sites and largest mangrove forest in the world. To travel to Bangladesh, you need a travel guide book for all information. There are travel guide books for Bangladesh visit such as Lonely Planet, Bradt and Petit Fute. Besides, you can contact tour operator for tours that you will be hassle free to travel in Bangladesh in relaxation. You can find tour information below like Bangladesh Travel Guide Book.

I recommend you Petit Fute and Bradt travel guide book are the best to visit Bangladesh. Petit Fute is the best from France. Bradt has updated information from ground level.

Read about Country, Population, Culture, Religion and People

  • Country: Government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh. Bangladesh means the country of Bangla (Bangali). Total area is 1,47,570 square kilometers. East, west and north surrounded by India. The bay of Bengal is to the South. It is a small country. Yet it is not known well to the most international tourists.
  • Population and People: About 180 million people live in Bangladesh. 90% Muslim, 9% Hindus, Buddhist 0.6%, Christian 0.3% and Animists 0.1%. People are very friendly comparatively with others countries. They greet warmly. You must be amazed seeing their hospitality.
  • Language: Bangla as official language which is commonly used everywhere. It is used everywhere. But every tribe has own language to communicate. There are regional dialects that are different with one another. Educated persons can speak in English.
  • Culture: Most people follow religious custom and traditional life culture. Some modern people do not follow the religious customs. But this is an Islamic country.
  • Religion: Islam 90%. There are Hindus 9%, rest 1% in Christians and Buddhists.

How to Enter to Visit Bangladesh, Get a Visa

  • Visa: To visit Bangladesh, you must need visa. In order to get visa, you should apply to the Bangladesh consulate in your country. Several ways of visas are to visit Bangladesh. The first way is visa on arrival which is easy to get. Many countries are listed under the consulate to give arrival visas. You can know from them. A few countries’ people need to apply beforehand. Sometimes you will get visa depending on their opinion. Also you can have a visa through invitation letter.

8 Divisions to Visit and Highlighted Places

Some Advice for You before Traveling

  • Food and water: People are called- Bangali with fish and rice. It means that people eat rice and as their traditional food. Their staple food is rice. The main dish is rice, fish, vegetable, daal (lentil) and meat.  In restaurant, they cook Chinese food, Thai food, India food, English cuisine and Bangla food as well. Food is hygienic if you take in good restaurant. Do not take from open sale. Bottled water is safer for foreigners. Water from tube well and supply is OK for Bangladeshi.
  • Accommodation: There are numbers of 5 star hotel, 4 star hotel, Eco resort, Eco cottage and budget hotel in Bangladesh.
  • Security: 100 % secured in Bangladesh during your tour. Because people are friendly and welcome foreigners. Some advice not to go to remote area lonely.
  • Money: Main currency is BDT that means Bangladeshi Taka. ATM: There are some ATM booths to withdraw money using CARDS.
  • Roads and transport: Roads are paved but broken and holes in some places. These will be constructed. Traffic jam is a major problem in big cities, mostly in Dhaka. There are many kinds of transport as train, ship, launch, engine boat, speed boat, bus, car, jeep, motor bike, cycle, auto rickshaw and horse cart.

How to go to tourist spot from Dhaka?

  • How to visit Dhaka city?
  • If travelers want to visit by themselves, it may be uneasy to find tourist spot, timing to open the park or place, information about the place. Anyway, you can hire local transport auto rickshaw, car or local bus to go to tourist place. It is better that you should contact with tour operator for package tour in Bangladesh.
  • How to go to Srimangal?
  • There are direct bus, train and car rental to go to Sreemangal. It is a kind of harassment to persons who are not accustomed in this manner. Bus  or train take about 4/5 hours to reach in Srimangal.
  • Bus stations are at Saydabad, Fokirapul, Gabtoli, Uttora etc. Train stations are Komlapur the biggest one and Uttara rail station. 5 star hotel can arranges flight by helicopter as they have heli-pad.  Besides, tourists can land in Sylhet airport and move to Srimangal by bus or train.

Must Visit Places

  • How to go to Sundarban?
  • There are train, bus, launch and air to go to Khulna. In Dhaka bus stand or train station, tourists can buy ticket to Khulna. It may take about 10 hours journey. By launch or paddle steamer known as rocket steamer, tourists have to go to Hularhat or Murelgonj then take bus to Khulna. You have to book a tour earlier to join in the schedule. Otherwise, it may not be possible to go to Sundarbans.
  • How to go to Chittagong or hill tracts?
  • There are bus and train to Chittagong and Bandarban. It takes about 8 hours to reach. But in hill tracts, tourists can not go in without pre-permission. Better to ask a tour operator for permission.
  • Which guide book is for foreign tourists?
  • Lonely Planet, Bradt and Petit Fute for Bangladesh Travel Guide Book.
  • Leading tour service provider in Bangladesh?
  • Orient Tourism Channel is as tour operator in Bangladesh and tour company in Bangladesh.

Written by Razbe for for Orient Tourism Channel

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