Srimangal One Day Tour | Day Long Trip With Local Guide

Highlights: Lawachara tropical rain forest, tea gardens, Lemon garden, Pineapple garden, Rubber Garden, lake Seven Color Tea, Khasia tribal village, Monipuri tribal village and Tripura tribal village. (Srimangal one day tour as a day long trip).

  • Tour Duration: Full day / 8 hours – One day tour in and around Srimangal.
  • Time to Visit: Round the year.
  • Start: 8/9 am, Finish: 5/6 pm.
  • Starting Place: From any hotel in Sreemangal town.
  • Ending place: In Sreemangal town. Customize-able.

Itinerary of Srimangal One Day Tour as a Day Long Trip

  • Starting, in the morning, we will start the day long trip to nature base area, forest, tea garden, lake.
  • Lawachara, Lawachara is a tropical rain forest known as a semi evergreen forest (presently known as Lawachara National Park). This is the best place to observe the abundant and diverse wildlife in this forest during Srimangal one day tour. One of the last remaining tropical rain forests of Bangladesh is Lawachara. Lawacharra forest is the home of a large variety of endangered species, the most prominent is the Hollock Gibbons. The small track of dense forests is heaven for birdwatchers, naturalists and adventure seekers alike. You can do a rewarding wildlife hiking or trekking in the forest.
  • Khasia tribal village, you can go to Khasia tribal community to see their life style and daily activities in the deep jungle of Lawachara forest. It can take you to imagine that people lived in wilderness years ago. But they are also updated now with modern culture. Their main source of income is betel leaf cultivation. Here you can visit betel leaf plantation and lemon garden too.

Lunch, to take lunch you have to go to a nearby town. Besides you can order for lunch beforehand at any house in tribal community to taste their food.

Travel in Sreemangal with our Local Professional Guide

  • Tripura tribal village, another tribal village named Tripura where you can see the life of them. They are also living near the forest and introvert. It may be interesting to your mind to see their life activities.
  • Fruit garden, Pineapple plantation and lemon gardens making the phenomenon view that you will see.
  • Tea garden, then we will start our journey to tea garden where you can see the green valley of tea and lush tea gardens. Some places in the tea garden look like a green carpet. You can walk through hilly tea gardens to enjoy tranquil natural view.
  • Lake, Start for beautiful Madhabpur lake which is surrounded by dotted hilly tea gardens. It is a lake of lotus and water lily. You can walk around and go up the hill to see the view.
  • Rubber garden, there are rubber plantation where you can walk through as well.
  • Monipuri tribal village, later you will visit Monipuri tribal village to see their hand loom works. They weave their cloths with their hands and hand loom wooden machine.
  • Amazing 7 layers tea, at the end of the trip, you can try the taste of famous 7 layers tea of 7 different colors. Every layer has different taste.
  • Ends, after the tour, we will start back to your hotel. Enjoy your one day tour in Srimangal with us.

 Price Below Per Person in USD

♣ CNG/ Non AC car/ jeep for whole day,
♣ Parking fee,
♣ Entry fee,
♣ English speaking professional local tour guide,
♣ Snacks and bottled water.
Air-conditioned car for whole day,
♣ Parking fee,
♣ Entry fee,
♣ English speaking experienced tour guide from Srimangal,
♣ Snacks and bottled water.
Excluded:  lunch and your personal expenses.Excluded: Lunch and your personal expenses.

Note: One day tour in Srimangal is available every day.  For this tour you can customize which you want to visit or not and time to start. Price will vary if you start the tour from other towns and if tour pick up and drop off place is out of town or 3 kilometers far of Sreemangal town. This tour will be leading by experienced tour guide from Srimangal, operated by Orient Tourism Channel.

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