Cycling Tour in Sreemangal | Best Place in Bangladesh

Cycling tour Bangladesh

Information why cycling tour in Sreemangal, Bangladesh ?

Tourists will ask where is the best place for cycling tour in Bangladesh? Which area is common for cycling tour in Bangladesh? In response to these demands of some interested tourists, I want to say that you can do cycling tour in Srimangal as it is the best place for this tour.

Many tourists’ comments are that there is possibility to cycling in Bangladesh. Tourists can bring bikes with to use here. Also you can hire bikes. Cycling is safer here through the common path. People welcome tourists. In some places, bicycle is rented out to foreign tourists. Normal bikes are cheaper and gear bikes rent out little high price.

Tour operators mostly arrange bike renting. It is not available at any shops. But for cycling anywhere in Bangladesh, you need to contact any tour service provider to get better cycle with proper guide line.

Cycling tour in Sreemangal, Best Place in Bangladesh

Srimangal is a place with many tea estates around. Here are zigzag roads like network. Every roads connect with one another. These roads are safer than any other roads in Bangladesh. Cycling through tea plantations and village is really a wonderful trip in Bangladesh. You will see the green everywhere and calmness.

Cycling through the villages another experience and local community will greet you. You can do cycling tour in Bangladesh half day or full day. As Srimangal is the best place for cycling tour, you should choose this town. Although there are network base roads, you need a tour guide to complete the cycling tour. It is very essential.

Cycling Tour Plan

  • Start: in the morning from Srimangal town, Finish: in the late afternoon in Sreemangal town.
  • Destination: Sreemangal town- tea garden -village – Sreemangal town.
  • Time to travel: Round the year.

Start in the morning for cycling through the nature, village, tea garden, tour guide will drive through the path of tea plantation and locality for whole day. You will feel calm and quiet. Because the path we choose for cycling is less visited. No tourists go there. After cycling few hours, back to hotel or restaurant for lunch. In the late afternoon, the tour is end. Orient Tourism Channel has other trip programs. Trip ends.

Tour Price for Each
1-pax (Each – $ 45)
2-pax (Each – $ 29)
3-pax (Each – $ 23)
4-pax (Each – $ 20)
5-pax (Each – $ 17)
6-pax (Each – $ 16)
7-pax (Each – $ 15)
8-pax (Each – $ 14)
9-pax (Each – $ 14)
10-pax (Each – $ 14)
11-pax (Each – $ 14)
12-pax (Each – $ 14)
13-pax ( Each-$ 12)
14-pax ( Each-$ 14)
15-pax ( Each-$ 14)
Tour includes:
Gear bicycle for whole day, parking fee,
English speaking professional tour guide,
Excluded: Food and your personal expenses.
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