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Jaflong and Lalakhal tour

For Jaflong and Lalakhal tour, our professional tour operator in Sylhet will guide you.

Places to visit: Jaflong, Khasia tribal community, Indian border, tea garden and Lalakhal river boating.

Tour duration: Full Day. Start: 8 am/9 am. Ends: 5 pm/6 pm. Starting place: Any hotel or airport in Sylhet. Ending place: Any hotel or airport in Sylhet.

Itinerary of Jaflong and Lalakhal Tour (One Day Tour)

Starting: in the morning drive towards Jaflong for natural view leaning on the hill of India. This is the most famous place in Sylhet. It is a stone collection center from river bed. Sari river flowing down to Bangladesh from India separates two countries as partition. Here you can see people collecting stones, pebbles and boulders from river which is coming with flowing water. It is possible to take a boat journey here. The scenery on the slope of Indian’s hill fascinate you. There is a Khasia tribal village situated. You can see their life style too. You can also walk to zero point to see the border.

After visiting this place, we move to take lunch. When lunch is finished, we take another one hour journey to Lalakhal. On the way, you can visit tea garden. Lalakhal tour is a boating in Sari river where you can see blue water. To see blue water in Lalakhal, the best time is winter. This water is coming too from India. In one hour boating, you can see the green dotted hills. People use nets to collect coil coming from India. This is situated at the side of India. Then we will drive back to hotel.

Price Option is Below

Option-A (USD $)Option-B (USD $)
1 person- 120 (Each)
2 persons- 60 (Each)
3 persons- 50 (Each)
4 persons- 40 (Each)
1 Person- 140 (Each)
2 Persons- 90 (Each)
3 Persons- 70 (Each)
4 Persons- 60 (Each)
Included: Pick up from airport/ hotel in Sylhet, reserved air conditioned car, professional tour guide, boating cost, parking fee, snacks, bottled water and drop off at the same place.Included: Pick up from any hotel in Sylhet, AC reserved car, professional tour guide, boating cost, parking fee, toll tax, bottled water, lunch and drop off in Sylhet.

Jaflong and Lalakhal Tour can be customized on your choice and budget. See other package tour in Sylhet on our website. Bangla Website

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