Lawachara trekking tour

Lawachara Trekking Tour

Lawachara trekking tour highlights: Lawachara tropical rain forest trekking and Khasia tribal village.
Tour duration: 2/3/4/8 hours- One day tour in Lawachara.
Best time to visit: Round the year.

Lawachara trekking tour

Tour starts: For Lawachara trekking tour, start early in the morning for a rewarding wildlife trekking through Lawachera tropical rain forest-semi evergreen forest (currently known as Lawachara National Park). This is a good place to trek in the trails and off trails to observe diverse wildlife. This is one of the last remaining tropical rain forests of Bangladesh.

The Lawacharra forest is home of a large variety of rare and endangered species, the most prominent of which is the Hollock Gibbons. The small track of dense forests is heaven for birdwatchers, naturalists and adventure seekers alike, Khasia tribal village’s life style in the deep jungle which can take you to imagine how people lived in wilderness years ago. After Lawachara trekking tour, back to hotel. Tour ends.

Note: Tour is available every day. You can customize this tour any time. Generally tour starts at 8.00 A.M and finish at 5.00 P.M.

Lawachara Trekking Tour Price Below


1-pax (Each – $ 30)
2-pax (Each – $ 20)
3-pax (Each – $ 12)
4-pax (Each – $ 10)
5-pax (Each – $ 8)
6-pax (Each – $ 8)
7-pax (Each – $ 7)
8-pax (Each – $ 6)
9-pax (Each – $ 6)
10-pax (Each – $ 5)
11-pax (Each – $ 5)
12-pax (Each – $ 7)
13-pax ( Each-$ 5)
14-pax ( Each-$ 4)
15-pax ( Each-$ 4)
Tour includes: Auto rickshaw/three seated CNG/ Non AC passenger base seated car, parking fee, English speaking professional tour guide.
Excluded: Entry fee, food and your personal expenses.

Option- B

1-pax (Each – $ 50)
2-pax ( Each-$ 30)
3-pax ( Each-$ 20)
4-pax ( Each-$ 15)
5-pax ( Each-$ 12)
6-pax ( Each-$ 10)
7-pax ( Each-$ 9)
8-pax ( Each-$ 8)
9-pax ( Each-$ 7)
10-pax ( Each-$ 6)
11-pax ( Each-$ 8)
12-pax ( Each-$ 8)
13-pax ( Each-$ 7)
14-pax ( Each-$ 6)
15-pax ( Each-$ 5)
Tour includes: Air-conditioned car, parking fee, English speaking professional tour guide and snacks with bottled water.
Excluded: Entry fee and your personal expenses.

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