Wildlife Tour – Adventure Tour in Sreemangal written by Rebeca, Mintu and Zaman

  • Article written by Rebeca, Mintu and Zaman
  • From Canada on Voice of Viator.
  • Source: Own experience.

Wildlife tour is an adventure trekking tour in Sreemangal which is specially you can do in Srimangal when you are in Bangladesh. To do this, you need a local professional tour guide to get real experience in Lawachara from starting Srimangal.

In April 2018, we made a wildlife adventure trekking tour in Lawachara starting from Sreemangal.  Our guide wanted to do trekking in the jungle. After discussion, we finalize to start in the early morning.

It was Saturday, 14th April 20018. According to our talks, today we waited at hotel in Srimangal. Tour guide arrived then we introduced each other. We started our journey to Lawachara. It took about 20 minutes to reach. Reaching there, we heard explanation about Lawachara forest.

Our driver was interested in going with us to the deep forest in Lawachara. We very quietly stepped towards to spot out Gibbon Ulluk. It is rare species in the world. A few minute later, leaches became active to smell blood of human. They came as if they were thirsty and hungry for a year. It was monsoon that it was to rain.  In rainy season, they get life either on grass or wet place. Seeing leaches, driver ran back. We continued our hiking in Lawachara to see Gibbon Ulluck. There was drizzling. So we went under the shade for a while.

It stopped raining after a couple of minutes. We spotted out Fayre’s Leaf monkey moving in branches to feed themselves. Thus we walked for another few minutes. We did not see anything yet except Giant wood spider which is famous in Lawachara. After one hour trail, we planed to start another trail to search Gibbon.

Wildlife Adventure Trekking Tour with a Guide in Sreemangal / Srimangal

While walking, on a sudden, we heard the call of Gibbon Hullock. Pleasure appeared in our mind. We ran back to the very spot through trails and sometimes off trails.  As they stayed on the top branch in deep forest, we went to off trails. We found them easily.  We became very happy seeing Gibbon in wild. Wildlife tour was successful.

After all, we entered in the main gate to Khasia tribal village because of enough time in our schedule.  We saw local tourists making noise in Lawachara. To do wildlife adventure trekking tour in Sreemangal, you can make a tour as Srimangal tour and Lawachara trekking tour with a private guide.

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