Photography in Bangladesh written by Tad Wolujewicz

photography in Bangladesh
  • Photography in Bangladesh,
  • Written By Tad Wolujewicz,
  • Country: England,
  • Source: Own experience after traveling in Bangladesh.

Photography in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a photographer’s dream, especially for those who are photographers of people. Bangladeshis, no matter what their personal circumstances, are very open and happy people and in most cases like to the photographed, which makes getting permission to photograph someone on the streets or at their place of work, a lot easier than in many countries.
As well as being a happy people, Bangladeshis are very photogenic, so a combination of interesting faces , colourful clothes, and in the case of many men, beards and hair hennaed bright orange , makes for spectacular photos.
Things move very quickly on the streets in the big cities such as Dhaka and Chittagong, and it’s noisy and crowded, but fascinating to photograph.

Always have a camera with you, as well as a lens brush and blower, and never attempt to change lenses while at brickworks or places where sand carrying is taking place. Don’t wear your best clothes or shoes at wet fish markets, as you will inevitably get splashed with wet fish and guts, and your shoes will stink of fish for days after.
Always accept an offer to drink cha ( tea) with locals who may invite you, and remember to eat only with your right hand and without cutlery.
Respect local customs and cultural norms, as you are a guest in one of the most welcoming countries in the world. Happy to offer my advice to any photographers travelling with Razbe, on tips at specific locations in Bangladesh. @tadwphotoworld.

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