Sreemangal – Tea Capital of Bangladesh

Sreemangal is a small town as sub-district of Moulvibazar district. This town is well known to people of the world.  People use the name of this town in several ways as Srimongol/ Srimangal/ Sreemangal. This word, Srimongol is pronounced but not written in officially like this. Those who are from far may use Srimongol. But Sreemangal is an original word to be used officially and following the past Hindu religious way which named after Hindu person.

At present many people use Srimangal commonly.  Srimongol and Srimangal are same one which is a most known town to the world, for which people at least visit this town whenever visitors visit this country. From here, you can go to many places to visit. Here you can do adventure tour in hills, nature tour, tribal tour (there are several ethnic communities) , boating tour in river or wetland where there is no noise at all and home stay tour to enjoy tribal culture, Bangladeshi Hindu and Muslim culture. In adventure tour, tourists trek in forest and hills, stay in jungle for wild life tour. Home stay is a tour that you can stay with local people or tribal people.

Srimongol is welcoming you with nature and more to visit. One thing is that it is the best place for cycling where you can ride cycle through the natural path in the tea estates, it is out of town.


There can be tours from this town to Lawachara National Park, Tea Garden, fruit garden, Rubber Garden, Lake, Wetland, tribal community, waterfall, old house, land lord house and so on.

  • Half day tour
  • 1 day tour
  • 2 days 1 nights tour
  • 3 days 2 nights tour
  • Cycling tour- Cycling tour in Bangladesh is recommendation to do in Sreemangal.
  • Bamboo rafting tour in the river
  • Boating tour in wetland
  • Sightseeing tour in Sreemangal
  • Nature tours around Sreemangal
  • adventure trekking tour- Rajkandi reserved forest is only best one in Sreemangal tour for trekking adventurously
  • walking tour in town
  • cultural tour
  • Handicrafts tour
  • Potter village tour
  • fishing tour
  • Agricultural tour operated in Sreemangal By Orient Tourism Channel
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