Attraction in Dhaka | Best Attraction in Dhaka

Attraction in Dhaka

Attraction in Dhaka are here which place you want to visit or not. Most top attraction are below. These attraction are very common and you should not miss it. You can do this on your city tour in Dhaka.

Attraction in Dhaka at a glance

  • Sangsad Baban: It is Parliament building which is a government legislative building. This is the most attractive design house in Bangladesh even in South Asia.
  • Tara Mosque in English is Star mosque. It is a Mughal period mosque. This has very interesting design inside the mosque. Obviously it will fascinate you. One of the best sightseeing in Dhaka is star mosque.
  • Dhakeshawary Temple is a Hindu temple. This temple is an eleventh century temple. The temple carries historical information. It is also a famous place to visit in Dhaka.
  • Kurzon Hall is a British building. The British made this building in 19th century. It will remind you that time of British when you visit everywhere.
  • Pink Palace- Ahsan Manzil is of the then Nobab house – king of this area. Its built was in 16th century. Must visit this sightseeing in Dhaka.
  • Lalbagh fort is very worthy when you are in Dhaka. It was of 16th century. This is very awesome place. You are welcome to see this sightseeing when you are in Dhaka day tour.
  • Central martyrs monument is a memorable place for Bengali to remind Bengalies about our language through language movement.
  • National museum that has some attraction for visitors to see and know what things were done and happened in previous time. Establishment of this museum was in the beginning of 19th century.
  • Sadarghat is a river port from where all river transport run to distance places.
  • Panam City is an old capital city. It is now like a ghost city because it was banned to live here.
  • Sonargaon is the old capital of Bengal. It was of 8th century.
  • Goaldi mosque is a Mughal mosque.
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