Chittagong City Tour and Cox’s Bazar Visit

Chittagong City Tour

Welcome to Chittagong city for the tour to the most attractive places. Our professional local tour guide or operator will take you to the places below.

Highlights: Chittagong City Tour, ship breaking yard, fishing boat making center, salt production, Cox’s Bazar longest Sea Beach, Temple, Natural view, Biggest Fish Market, Lake etc.

Travel Plan of Chittagong City Tour and Cox’s Bazar Visit

Day-01: Drive from Dhaka in the morning to Chittagong. On the way after launch, we will make tour to Sitakundo which is 37 kilometers far from Chittagong city. We can visit Chandranath Hindu temple and Buddhist temple. This place is known to this religion as the footprint of Lord Buddha. It is very sacred to them. It attracts tourists for natural views. There is a salt water spring 5 kilometers to the North of Sitakundo known as Labanakhya. Check in hotel. Overnight in Chittagong.

Day-02: In the early morning, we will start tour to Sadarghat, a big fish market in Chittagong city. It is one of the best things in Chittagong day tour. Then continue to Baizid Bostami Mazar. It is a saint place. Although it is considered as a ritual place for Muslim, other religious people visit this place to get blessing. There are old rear turtles which are regarded to be sacred animals. Visitors feed them for the fulfillment of their wish. Move to the heart of the city, we will visit ethnological museum situated in Chittagong circuit house built in British period. It represents the life of the most famous president of Bangladesh. From the museum, we move to some establishment of British period like rail station, Jongson road, tiger pass etc. Then we can take lunch.

Enjoy the most attractive place in Chittagong city tour

Visit vatieary lake and have walk in ship breaking yard shops. We can move to Patenga sea beach 22 kilometers from Chittagong town and roam around nearby beach market. You can enjoy the roaring sea and its waves. Visit the Karnafully River by which city stands and meets the sea. (If time permits, we may have boat ride in Karnafulli River). Start toward hotel using the river side road and enjoy the golden light ray of light of the biggest port. We will drop you at your hotel. Overnight in Chittagong.
Day-03: In the morning, we move to Foys Lake. This lake is a man made which was created in 1924 located at Pahartoli. It is near Batali hill. This place is for boating. Visit war cemetery gives us the idea of second world war.

Cox’s Bazar the longest sea beach of the world

Day-04: In the morning, travel to Cox’s Bazar which is the longest sea beach in the world. There are miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas etc. We can move to Mohesh Khali Isand. It is a small island of 268 kilometers and 6 kilometers from the north west of the cox’s bazaar. The main attraction is the Adinath Hindu temple dedicated to God Shiva. 15 minutes ride by speed boat. After this visit, we will move to Enani Beach: 35 kilometers south of Cox’s Bazaar. It is a crowd free tourist spots. Good place for sea bathing. Overnight in Cox’s Bazar.
Day-05: Travel back to Dhaka. It is a long journey. We will drop you at your hotel or airport in Dhaka. Trip ends.

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