Baikka Beel – Hail Haor | Wetland

Baikka Beel- Hail Haor

Baikka beel was named after a section of wetland which is located in area of a great natural beauty. This beautiful scenario stretching over miles creates an unbelievable feeling. This beel is the living place of numerous migratory birds, native birds and fish. When you enter the wetland area you will be engrossed by the chirping of various birds. The silence makes this place interesting.

You can see Common Moorhens, marsh harriers, teals, ducks and many other birds here. But this is mostly in winter. In other seasons, you will not see these birds. But there is possibility to boat in the wetland.

It is on the eastern part of the Hail haor. Hail haor is a large wetland encompassing about 100 hectares. It is about 20 km from Moulvibazar town. Baikka beel got declaration as bird and fish sanctuary in 2003.

Baikka bill is one of the less known bird watching destination of Bangladesh. It is also one of the best places to visit in Sreemangal. During winter it becomes the host of various migratory birds coming from other countries of the world. This beauty around the wetland is very amazing. The distance from Srimangal to baikka bill is around 17 KM.
It aims to bring the piece of beautiful Bangladesh to you.

The beel area isn’t only beautiful because of these birds but also for the beautiful lilies, lotus and many other unknown aquatic flowers and plants. While riding a boat you will see many large leafy lilies and other aquatic plants. Flowers leaf cover the water land usually in their blooming season. To visit Baikka Beel, please find Sreemangal tour package here. You can rent car / CNG/ Jeep from us at reasonable price. 

Time to visit Baikka Beel- Hail Haor: 

  • November to February is a good time to reach there by any transport to see lots of migratory birds. If there is water in the Beel, you may travel by boat.
  • May to October Hail Haor – Baikka Beel is mostly covered with water. Best time to boat in the wetland. In this period, there is no migratory birds.

By Orient Tourism Channel

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