Tea Garden in Sreemangal – Explore Green Natural View

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Tea Garden of Sreemangal (Srimangal) is like a green carpet on the land. Wherever you look, you will see magnificence of green as it calls you to green nature to feel ecological system. Sreemangal is called “The Tea Capital of Bangladesh” or the land of two leaves and a bud. Of course a reason is behind it. It is there are many tea gardens around Sreemangal (Srimangal). The best quality tea of Bangladesh is produced here. In Bangladesh, there are 163 tea gardens. Most of the tea gardens of Bangladesh are here. Srimangal is a small town under Moulvibazar district. This district has 153 tea gardens. 47 tea gardens are in Sreemangal which are very close to the town. Very easy access from Srimangal to the tea gardens.

Visit Tea Garden in Sreemangal If You Love Green

As soon as you enter into the area by driving from Dhaka, you will be astonished to see the green tea gardens on the flat land and on the hills. How gorgeously decorated the tea gardens are! Obviously It will draw anyone’s heart touch. Don’t miss the chance to visit the beautiful land where you must see the green carpet with green valley of tea garden. All tea gardens are not at the road side. Tremendous tea gardens are far from local area. If you want to visit the best tea garden, you should contact with garden authority or local tour guide in Sreemangal. They will take you to the best tea garden of Sreemangal.

Shopping in Sreemangal (Srimangal)

As there are many tea gardens in Sreemangal, people involve in tea business. Generally here tea garden creates business facility for local people in Sreemangal. You can find tea shop in Sreemangal that they are selling different type of tea at various price. Besides many local visitors and foreign tourists buy tea from these shop as their souvenir. These tea shops not only sell tea products to local people but also send to other districts of the country. Tea business shop of other districts buy from local tea sellers. The demand of tea of the country is fulfilled with the production of Sreemangal tea estates.

How to Go to Sreemangal (Srimangal)

Although this town is very small, it has good communication with the big cities and towns.

  • Intercity trains run from Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong to Sreemangal at several schedules.
  • Several companies have direct AC and Non AC buses from Dhaka and Chittagong to Sreemangal.
  • Besides paved roads are very good to use your own or hired transport to go to Sreemangal. It is private journey.
  • Whatever transport you use, it may take 4/5 hours depending on traffic jam.
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