Moheshkhali Island – A Separated Island in Bangladesh

Moheshkhali island

Welcome to the Moheshkhali island, this is the only mountain island of Bangladesh. It is located in a mountainous beautiful area just 12 km northwest of Cox’s Bazar. It is one of the Birak Pahari Islands of Bengal. You will be blown away by the view of the sea and forest up on the hill here. Nature has spared no effort in pouring her beauty here. The Rakhaine tribal people live on this island. Apart from the natural beauty, you will be charmed by the life of Mogh tribe and Rakhaine tribe living here.

About two-thirds of the island, famous for its sweet drinks, is covering by mountains. Moheshkhali Island still amazes all the visitors with its beauty. The main attraction of this island is Adinath Temple. Apart from the temples there are mountains, forests and seas. However, according to many Historians, this island was once connected to the mainland. But it was separation from the main land for a result of an unusual and terrible natural disaster. This was apart from the mainland and took the form of a new island.

To visit this island, you have to go by steamer or engine boat. There are not many good hotels but you can come back in a day. For any tour arrangement, you can contact to this website.

Source: Bangladesh Travel Guide Book

— Written by Bimal Deb Barma, Writer and Teacher

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