Cox’s Bazar – the Longest Sea Beach in the World

Coxs Bazar

Cox’s Bazar sea beach welcomes tourists who love water and the sea beach. This is a open place to walk. It is located 316 km far from Dhaka and 152 km from Chittagong city. This town is called the tourism capital city of Bangladesh. It is the most famous place in Bangladesh. The world’s longest sea beach is Cox’s Bazar which has 120 km length. The history of today’s Cox’s Bazar is not very old. According to historians, one upon a time, this area was very known to local people as Panua, Polanki, Palawanchi, Ankkhesha etc. The place actually got name after Captain Hiram Cox. After Captain Hiram Cox had come here in 1799, he set up a market for the local people.

Later that market got name Cox’s Bazar after the name of this man. It is still carrying his history. Not only in Bangladesh but also in the world this place is very famous. So, tourists from different parts of the world including Bangladeshi tourists flock to Cox’s Bazar to enjoy its beauty. From here you can see the sun setting. This sea beach becomes very crowd mostly with domestic tourists. You can swim here too though water is not clean. This beach has good access to the transportation for people going to the area. You can go here anytime by any reserved AC car, bus and air.

Cox’s Bazar gives you more things to do

  • To visit this beach, in the city you will find many types of hotel, resort, cottage and guest houses to accommodate tourists.
  • To visit the place, you can book a tour with tour guide or tour operator in Cox’s Bazar. Besides there are some ready tour packages in this website. Check packages or ask for any customization in your trip.

Near the beach, you can visit other places as temple and forest. This area will obviously please you.

  • Article written by: Bimal Dev Barma
  • Profession: Teacher and writer
  • Location: Bangladesh
  • Source of the article: Bengali travel guide book
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