Sonargaon, the ancient capital city of Bangladesh


Sonargaon is the ancient capital city of Bengal and a town steeped in history. In 1338 the independent Sultan of Bengal Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah established the capital city of Bengal at Sonargaon. The name of Sonargaon means golden village. Ibn Battuta, Moroccan tourist visited Sonargaon in 1345. He described the area as one of the enriched cities. At one time, people in this region produced more crops than other regions in the country and were economically independent.

Who can imagine that this area got its name Sonargaon? According to many ideas, this area might be named after Isha Kha’s wife name Sonar Bibi.

Sonargaon became widely known during the reign of Isha Khan, the most powerful independent Sultan among the Baro Bhuiyans (12 landlords). Isha Khan was a great hero. He won many battle against the Mughal. He even defeated the mighty Mughal commander Man Singh. But after his death, the place could no longer retain its tradition. After Isha Khan’s death, Isha Khan’s son Musa Khan was defeated by Mughal Subedar Islam Khan. After the defeat of Musa Khan, the Mughal rulers shifted the capital city of Bengal from Sonargaon to Dhaka. This area is still a tourist attraction as the famous capital city of ancient Bengal. Sardar’s house (landlord house) and a big pond are one of the greatest ancient things. Sultan Ghiyas Uddin Azam Shah’s shrine of Ilyas Shahi dynasty, Manoshah Dum Dum Fort are here.

History of Sonargaon, the ancient capital city of Bengal

Pachan Pir’s shrine are still standing among the ruins of Sonargaon. Here centuries old houses stand as witnesses of time. The pond or Shanbadhano Ghatla, buildings and forts of this place fascinate people with the construction style of that time. There is also a lake Aka Babar. Boat trips are available on the lake.

Renowned Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin developed Sonargaon as a folk craft village. Sonargaon foundation has already established itself in the area as Rupasi Bangla. The foundation area includes Karudweep, Karupalli, Sardar Bari which houses the Museum of Rural Art, Tati Palli, Academic Building, Library, Karu Hill etc. Karupalli has traditional folk products, Nakshikatha, Jamdani Saree etc. Thousands of birds flock to Karudweep and Karu Hill every day. A month-long craft fair and folk festival are held every year in the museum premises of the Sardar’s house in Sonargaon.

Every day hundreds of local and foreign tourist come here to see the monuments of the past history and the folk art museum. Sonargaon is located 25 km east of the Dhaka along the Dhaka-Chittagong highway and on the banks of the Meghna River. To visit this place with proper information and easy guideline, you can contact this website. Find tour package here in.

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