Sitakunda – Hindu Temple and the Hill for trekking

Sitakunda is a tourist center of Bangladesh. On the way to Chittagong by bus or train, the location of Sitakunda Upazila is after Mirersarai Upazila. About 37 miles away from Chittagong town that Sitakunda has high hills. On its western side is Sandeep channel. Sandeep is on the other side. This place is also a historical mythological scenic center. Because the two notable places to visit are the Chandranath temple and Buddha temple.

Buddhists believe that Buddha’s footprints are still present in this temple. Every year many pilgrims from home and abroad come to Sitakunda. It is a holy place for both Hindus and Buddhists. The Hindu community believes there is a pool here where Sita used to bathe. The height of Chandranath hill is about 1155 feet. And the country’s only spring of hot water is falling from this mountain.

Hills, jungles, Sandeep channels, everything together make Sitakunda really beautiful. The scenery of Sitakunda is really amazing. If you are able to trek on the hill, this is for you. You can see the hilly view from the top of the hills. To visit this, you can by train, bus or reserved car. Besides you can also contact to this website to organize your tours. There are local tour guides to guide you in this trip.

It is obviously very good to see local people, culture, hills, waterfall, forest and Eco park. In the forest, you may see some wild animals.

  • Written by: Bimal Deb Barma
  • Profession: Writing and Teacher
  • Source: Bangladesh Travel Guide Book
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