Serengeti National Park | Visit With Local Tour Operator

Serengeti National Park

Welcome to Serengeti National Park for a visit with local, professional and experienced tour operator of Tanzania. Serengeti is an Eco system of a huge migration as this is only location to give you a witness to watch millions migratory wildebeest across the plain lands. The place can be the best of wild animals. If you are eager to see wild animals in a Safari tour in Tanzania, Serengeti National Park greets you to show its beauty. Probably Serengeti National is the greatest one in the world where you can see huge wildlife. Therefore, it can not be finished in words that such a wonderful National Park Serengeti is !

You will not only see but also hear roaring and buzz of wild animals moving in the park. Besides the sun setting is excellent worth too in this trip. The massai people welcome you with their culture. Visiting this park is a magical trip all the year round

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Never ending of wild life migration of Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park was in the list as world heritage site for its Eco system, wildlife and culture. For its attraction, every ear most visitors come here to see million of wildebeest. These animals graze on the field to eat grass and other animals. This is a protected park.
About the great migration: There is main reason to visit park that an immense spectacle with wildebeest moving in the vast field and crossing river.

Although wild animals reign the land of Serengeti , there is incredible history of indigenous tribe living here. Massai is the famous tribe here for unique culture preserving long time. Education and western culture influence to Massai people’s culture. But they cherish their traditional culture as the symbol of Tanzania and Kenya.

History, Vibrancy and vastness of Serengeti

The vastness of vegetation and animals are attraction of Serengeti National Park to people that this can show big cats and other creations. In the early of 1900, some explorers expressed it as the best place of huge number animals. Approximately 2,286 square kilometres was declaration as a game forest in 1930. This part is southern and eastern of Serengeti. Therefore, the main part of Serengeti was gazetted in 1951. Generally Tanzania tour operator promoted by Orient Tourism Channel.

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