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Zanzibar Tour

Welcome to Zanzibar. Zanzibar Island is well known as Africa’s tropical paradise which is offering the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sandy beaches for miles are dotted with palm trees are surrounded by the clear azure water of the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar Island is a part of the Zanzibar archipelago together connected with Pemba Island and more smaller islands. The islands are also known the Spice Islands due to its enriched information in spice trade and many spice plantations. 

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  • Marashi Tours and Safaris is a professional travel service provider in Zanzibar Island, working in tourism sector for years.
  • Marashi Tours is a top notch tour operator offering bespoke Zanzibari trips and travels, its operate with head office at Kiembe Samaki Zanzibar (old airport road).Our company has been accredited by The Zanzibar commission for tourism with registration NR.232F.09.2021. We at Marashi Travels will ensure that every singular experience is bespoke and speaks to the intersection of cultures and as a meeting place to live history, experience, explore delightful cuisines.


Zanzibar Island gives an amazing laid-back beach life. This is also an various of activities and colorful cultured with history. A town named as old Stone Town is awesome mixture of some cultures. People who love food and authentic culture must visit this interesting places like Sultan’s Palace, the House of Wonders and Darajani or Forodhani food markets. As a traveler, you can go on a spice tour or discover the fascinating coral reefs to swim in tropical reef fish. More opportunities are available. Zanzibar Island carries all the necessary things to make an interesting holiday in your life. Make a tour to the Zanzibar Island.


  • Crystal white sandy beaches
  • Palm trees
  • Azure blue Indian Ocean
  • Nice coral reefs
  • Tropical climate
  • Friendly persons
  • Excellent service
  • Beautiful nature
  • Delicious food
  • Culture and history in Stone Town
  • Tours and Activities in Zanzibar spice tour: Visit with a professional local tour guide through spice plantations where there are pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and fruit grows.


  • A bewitching labyrinth of narrow roads and winding alleyways. Stone town is awash with Arabic, Persian, Indian, European, historical, cultural and heritage.
  • Besides it is familiar as the heart of Zanzibar. Stone Town was declaration as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000.
  • This tour includes the Darajani market visit, former slaves market, Anglican cathedral, Tippu tip house, Old fort, House of wonders, Palace museum, Zanzibar doors, Freddie Mercury house and other places.


Zanzibar tour

A 30 minutes boat riding from Stone Town, you will reach at Prison Island. This Island is also familiar as Changuu Island. Prison Island is famous for the Giant tortoises. The beach is that more people do not talk about. Because it is small but perfect beach for sunbathing, playing with families, couples and so on. Beyond it, you can do snorkeling at the prison island. 


The Jozani forest tour is very enjoyable. It is located in the central east region of Zanzibar that consist of a large mangrove swamp forest.Red colobus monkey are available here.In this forest 40 species of bird and 50 species of butterflies. You can experience the time being close with Red Colobus monkeys in a nature walk. This type of Red Colobus monkeys are unique species only available in Zanzibar. Besides you can walk trail along the mangroves forest to listen chirping of birds.


Here you can do some sightseeing as swim with dolphins in natural way of the habitat of them. The tour will take you to the Indian Ocean to see and play with dolphins.

The boat that we use for this captaining specially trained people for sustainable and respectful interactions with dolphins. You can book the the tour with mentioned tour operator for organizing your tours at cheap with safe, reliable and convenient bookings for accommodations, transports and well trained tour guides.


Are you curious to visit the village to see culture? Maintain your curiosity to make tours with Marashi tours and safaris operator that is experienced in this field. You must have insight to experience a number of strange things and activities done by the indigenous people in Zanzibar villages. It will take you to Zanzibar villages that you will have a opportunities to get experienced the real rural life in Zanzibar. This tour may have some activities as donations, visit schools, meet locals, visiting a women’s handcrafts group and learn about Zanzibar handcrafts. Enjoy the delicious local cuisine prepared with many spices and herbs and see a number of local sports in the villages with your village guide.


To experience awesome trip here on the traditional wooden dhow as you go towards the most popular spot in Zanzibar. You can swim and snorkel in a natural lagoon and coral formations. Chance to climb a centuries old Baobab tree. Take a instant cooked sea food BBQ lunch at Kwale Island. On the way back you will certainly meet dolphins playing around in the shallow marine park of Menai Bay.


In Mnemba island you can do some sightseeing. It is a private Island located on the northern east coastal area of Zanzibar Island (Unguja) in Matemwe village. In the private beach, you will see super white and clean sands. Here swimming can be dome with Dolphins, Whale sharks, Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Sun bathing. everything that you can do at Mnemba Island. In case you are eager to snorkel near this beautiful coral private Island, we have a daily trip to Mnemba Island for Snorkeling.


Nungwi aquarium is in the north of Zanzibar (Nungwi). You can find one of the natural lagoon full of sea turtles. Guests that they get this unique opportunity to swim with sea turtles. During the visit you can feed turtles with sea weed. Besides you can just spend your relaxing time in water. Also, there is possibility to take snorkeling mask to dive and watch them in their natural environment.
These things in the tour will be end but it will exist in your memory forever. To do these things for your own memory you can get in touch with Marashi for feeding, playing and swimming with turtles in their natural habitat. Relax your vacation in safe,reliable and convenient bookings for accommodations, transports and well trained Tour guides. Book here for cheaper and best service.


Seeing sunset / dhow cruise: Here you can enjoy stunning sunset cruise on a local dhow in Zanzibar. Firstly leave Stone Town in the late afternoon to cruise along the coastal areas, slicing through the clear turquoise water. Lean on seat to relax and enjoy the peaceful of the ocean. You can hear the ripple of water on the sides of the dhow.
See a wonderful glimpse of bewitching scenes of the Indian Ocean alongside the Zanzibar beach. Be enjoyed with variety of snacks, fruits and drinks as you move on a traditional dhow or yacht to take the moment when the ‘sun kisses the ocean’. The wonder of the fiery golden sun setting beyond the horizon must amaze you as it turns the sky into a magical canvas of pink, purple, blue and orange shades.


Tour to The Zanzibar slave chambers and tunnels which connect caves to the seaside. There were built in 1880. A transit point for the captured slaves to sell to the outside world. Learn more the history and information of slaving in Zanzibar from our tour guide by a visit to these historic slave chambers and other relevant spots on this slave history tour.
This four-hour tour is a guided tour that begins and ends at your resort. It goes first to Kelele Square to walk along the alleys of Stone Town to the house of former trader Tippu Tip. After this visit, continue to the biggest market at Mkunazini (Stone Town). In this place, slaves brought from other places were cruelly whipped before being auctioned. The visit will then take you to see the house of Dr. David Livingstone who campaigned for the abolition of slavery. It marked its end in 1873. Later, continue to visit the Maruhubi ruins in which place enslaved women entertained the Arab Sultan of Zanzibar (1870-1888) in the luxurious palace. The last stop is at Mangapwani chamber where owners kept slaves waiting for monsoon winded boats to fetch them to exile.


Kuza Cave gives a unique experience for adventurous nature lovers. Explore the ancient limestone, cave and crystal clear mineral water pool. You can see art e facts from the cave and a timeline of Swahili history which are going back to the beginning of our story as humans originating in East Africa. Walk across a small bridge and a few steps to the base of the well-lit cave to find a large pool formed by a subterranean river. The area is a wildlife sanctuary for dozens of monkeys, birds, butterflies and bush babies.

The cultural center welcomes you to enjoy Swahili music, drumming and dancing with our onsite artists. Possibility to stay for the day and learn the secrets to Swahili cooking. Learn how to gently blend Zanzibar spices and make fresh coconut milk curry. You should not miss out on discovering this hiding gem tuck away in the tropical jungle of Jambiani – you must be surprising!


The Rock restaurant sits perched atop a rock off the eastern coast of Unguja Island in the Zanzibar archipelago. The establishment is on things as a “tidal island”—it rises above the sand on Michamvi Pingwe beach at low tide But it becomes an island at high tide. Depending on the time of day, voyagers arrive on foot or by boat.
After climbing a wooden staircase to reach the entrance, diners enjoy unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean from one of 12 cozy tables beneath a Makuti palm tree roof. Patrons sip cocktails out on the back patio, which is at certain hours surrounded by turquoise water on three sides. The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner, so parties can time their meal reservations to match the desired tide level.

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