Satchari Forest | Sathchari National Park

Satchari Forest was established as Sathchari National Park in 2005. The area of Satchari forest is 243 hectares. Around this national park there are tea estates and villages in Ragunandan hill reserved forest in Chunarughat Upozilla under Habiganj district. Generally the meaning of Satchari is seven streams that flow through the forest. That’s why the forest was name after the seven streams. These streams give water to the animals living in the forest and trees to live well.

Satchari national park has enriched flora and fauna that amaze any visitor. More than 200 tree species were identification which mainly grow in tropical evergreen forest. We can see common trees dipterocarpus, Artocarpus, Ficus and lagerstroemia. Animals are Northern pig tailed macaque, Capped lanqur and Western Hoolock Gibbon.

The forest is mostly good for bird watchers and jungle walking lovers. These birds Jungle fowl, Red headed Trogon, Oriental pied hornbill, Green Imperial pigeon, Cuckoos and Hooded pitta.

Inside the forest, there is an ethnic community name – Tipra. About 24 families are in this community.

What are in Satchari Forest that you should Know

  • About 200 type of trees.
  • 24 type of mammals.
  • 38 type of reptiles.
  • 19 type of amphibians.
  • 183 type of birds.

To enjoy this forest well, you should hire an experienced tour guide directly at the park or book in advance through this website. The Eco tour guides have training well to guide you in the forest as they know the paths, information, names of birds and trees.

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