Rema Kalenga Forest | A Wild Life Sanctuary

Rema Kalenga

Welcome to Rema Kalenga forest. Rema Kalenga is a reserved forest in Bangladesh, now it is protected as wildlife sanctuary. This forest is located in Chunarughat Upozilla of Habigong district in Sylhet division. It is a dry evergreen forest in Bangladesh. Its area is 1,795.54 hectares. The forest attracts tourists for a lake inside it. The surrounding of the lake has natural views. Authority made it for the animals that they can drink water. There is watch water beside the lake. The forest view can be seen from the top of tower. This is mostly for nature lovers. There is also possibility to ride bicycle on hilly area in this forest.

These things are in Rema Kalenga forest

  • The forest has 638 species of plants and trees. These trees are for wood and medicine.
  • 7 species of amphibians.
  • 18 species of reptiles.
  • 167 species of birds.
  • 37 species of mammals.

Four Tribal Communities of Bangladesh live in this forest

  • Tripura
  • Saotal
  • Telegu
  • Oraon

To visit Rema Kalenga forest, there are official 3 walking trails/paths

  • Half an hour. For short tour, you can use half an hour trail. It is easy and comfortable.
  • One hour. If you are physically fit to walk, this trail is better to see more in the forest as animals, trees and tribal people.
  • Three hour. It is only for long walking tour and good trekkers.

To visit safely with proper information, hire a registered tour guide

Where to stay and how to go to visit this forest

  • You should stay in Sreemangal and can go to this place easily. Because there are many hotels, resorts, cottages and guest house in and around Sreemangal. Better communication from this town to this forest.
  • The best way is to hire any kind of transport to go quickly. You can hire a CNG, Jeep, Car and Micro. But road is fit for CNG, Jeep and Motor Bike.
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