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Nepal tour is the best tour in the world. Travel to Nepal is easier. You can find Nepal tour package and experienced tourism company in Nepal through this website. Professional tour operator will handle your tour service. You can get connection with professional tour operator in Nepal, best local tour guide and tourism company here.  Specially for trekking tour, culture tour, rafting, nature and history in Nepal. More places to visit in Nepal. Find more  tour operators of the world.

Nepal is a tourism country that are mountain, culture and stunning beauty in the world. It is seen in the map as a small country in size. But it is a nation of colorful culture, hidden beauty and religion. A good country for adventure trekking. Countryside in Nepal is having traditional life style and lush valleys. Here flora and fauna invite nature lovers to meet with them. Nepal is magnificent with tradition, arts and culture. The capital city is a treasure of ancient arts.
Geography: This country is a mountainous lying on the southern slopes of Himalayas. The country has 147,181 km. It is divided into 3 regions as Himalayan region, Hilly region and Terai region.

Nepal Tours

People: People in Nepal have mix population in various racial and ethnic communities. It is a country of diverse linguistic ethnic groups. They live in different regions and wear respective clothes. Find more on your Nepal tour.

Religion: There are major religions Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal. Besides there is Muslims too as third largest religion.
History: Nepal carries a glorious history.  You can follow back to the civilization that 1000 years before the Christ.
Art and culture: Probably only Nepal has traditional, painting and sculpture that authority has stored for 1500 years.
Climate: This country’s climate differ with its topography. Nepal ranges from tropical to alpine. Nepal has four seasons. How to go to Nepal: By air and by land. Promoted by Orient Tourism Channel

Local Tour Service Provider’s Address: (1) Everest View Treks, Kmaladi-31, Katmandu, Nepal. (2) Himalayan Wonders, Katmandu, Nepal. Click to WhatsApp for tour service.
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