Madhabpur Lake

Madhabpur Lake

Madhabpur Lake  is a beautiful lake. It is situated at Madhabpur tea estate in Kamalgonj upozilla of Moulovibazar district in Sylhet division. The place is just 8 kilometers away from Vanugach bazar. Vanugach town is just 15 km away from Srimongol. Those who want to visit Madhabpur lake, you should come to Srimongol.  Srimongol is the best place from where you can move to all tourists spots. Road communication is better and safer.

It is a great place in every season. But mostly in rainy season, in winter many migratory birds from cold countries visit this lake. The scene becomes awesome. Due to the irrigation to the tea garden and its tea field, authority made in British period. The lake is with dotted hills of tea gardens which makes a real pleasing view. This lake is zigzag in tea garden area.  From the top, you will see the phenomenon view towards India.

This green view of Madhabpur lake will please you really enough. In this lake, there is a lot of fish. Some people taking permission from garden authority can catch fish with rod and line. It is not possible with net because of long zigzag beautiful Madhabpur lake.

Because the entry of the common people was restricted earlier, the infrastructure and other facility of the tourists was not up to the mark, at present the Tea Estate authority is developing the infrastructure so this is possible that the destination is going to be one of the important tourist destination in the country. by Orient Tourism Channel

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