Khasia Tribal People – Ethnic Community in Srimangal, Bangladesh

khasia tribal people

Khasia tribal people are considered as ethnic community people. They were the inhabitants in hilly areas of China. Also there is different opinion. Some history books describe their living period is in 17th century in Megalay state in India. We know Megalay is their original place. Before 17th, Khasia people lived in Mongolia & China. They are known as Mongolian because some people of this community came from Mongolian race. This tribal people are short in size but strong enough to do hard work. Their main profession is betel leaf cultivation. During the British period the brave Khasia people revolted many times against the British. Woman are heiress of the property because of men are callous to the family. In a word, woman are chief in the family. They deal in their products with buyers and keep money with them.

Khasia Ethnic Community – Known as Tribal People

They go to market for shopping. If any couple has no girl, the youngest daughter of wife’s sister becomes inheritress, In their culture, after marriage man goes tp his wife’s house. He lives under her guidance. Monogamy is their preset rule. Most of the time boys & girls choose is other to make life partner. After their choice they marry in the community in a functional way. They own culture and language. They look slight bright, Traditionally they eat collecting vegetables and foods from the woodland. But they are following modernization and eat bengali food as rice, meat , fish etc. They chief in the community is a man who is called headman or Montri. You can contact a local tour guide to take you to the most remote area to see their real lifestyle.

The closest Khasia ethnic community of Srimangal is Lawachara Khasia Punji. In this community there are houses made on the hills in the forest. You can go through walking trails of the forest. But you will not find them easily because of many unknown trails in the forest.

  • This information written by Bimal Deb Barma.
  • Country: Bangladesh.
  • Source: From a travel guide book.
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