Inani Beach

Inani beach is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of the ocean in a quiet environment. Here you can really understand how close the relationship between people and the sea is. Different types of stones are spread all on Inani beach. When you can visit here, you get a different feeling when you touch the stones. This place is surrounded by the beautiful hills that seems to be a place of cool feeling.

This place is surrounded by the gentle hills covered with beauty. It seems to evoke a feeling of coolness. Inani Beach is located just 18 km south of Cox’s Bazar city. This Beach is a place under Ukhia police station. There is an attractive Daak Bungalow run by the Forest Department for overnight stay. Besides you can visit this place in a day from Cox’s Bazar.

To visit this with the help of a tour guide, you can contact to to this website.

Bimal Deb Barma

Written by Bimal Deb Barma,
Profession: Writer and Teacher,
Source: Bangladesh Travel Guide Book

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