Garo Tribe as Ethnic People Living in Bangladesh

Garo tribe

Garo tribe known as ethnic people that has been living for hundreds of years near the Khasia hills which are Bishamborpur, Sunamgonj, Tahirpur and Satok. In 6th century, Aryans race spread their power then aboriginal people started fight. During the battle, non-Aryans were defeated by Aryans and non Aryans hid themselves for living in the jungle. To facilitate their living way together with the same race, they cleaned the forest area.

Long ago, they stayed far from civilization. In Garo tribe community there are different classes Garo, Kuch, Hajong, Banai, Jobang etc. In Garo tribe community, they are Hindu & Christian religion. Non-Aryans are slight dark & nose flat face. It is thought that Garo originated from this non-Aryans. Their nature is very gentle & calm. Traditionally they make their house with bamboo, straws and mud. They are matriculate society.

Where does Garo tribe live?

They live in Mymensingh, Srimangal, Kamalgong, Sylhet and in hill tracts area. If you want to visit their community, you should find a location which is still remote area and untouched modern civilization to get the real lifestyle idea of this community. From Srimangal, you can go to 3/4 villages. You can contact with this tour operator to organize a trip to the tribal community.

  • Written by Bimal Deb Barma
  • Country: Bangladesh.
  • Source: Bangla Travel Guide Book
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